Name some "superstar" Elders you know or met .

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  • Pitchess Co-Gen
    Pitchess Co-Gen

    I'm from the South Los Angeles area and I was wondring who were the '''star'' Elders, Ministerial Servants, Pioneers, in your hometown or area? They could be good or bad too.

  • man in black
    man in black

    They were superstars in their own delusional little world :

    jeff renfroe / mike penkava / dave redmann / keith milkovich

  • Apostasyrocks

    Holy Crap!

    Man in Black

    I grew up behind West Elementry where Penkava taught (3rd grade I think) and I worked with his relative Matt painting with Bill Gordon. I went to the Algonquin kingdom hell and was even an MS/pioneer for a bit. I wonder if I know you.

    My real name is Jesse if you think you may know me shoot me a PM. I'm not asking you to tell me who you are though, thats up to you of course. I'm DAed so they can't touch me.

    Psyco/superstar elders- Dan Arndt, Mike lorracco, both the Grove brothers and so many more (i dont know the correct spelling....sorry)

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  • Snoozy

    From St Louis:

    Ted Barklage/ Mrs Barklage

    Leo Hellman/ Marie Hellman

    Elmer Zumsteg/ Vickie Zumsteg

    Few others I can't remember names. May add later


  • aquagirl

    a Brother Krifassi,Told my dad to turn me out at the door after flying 1700 miles to see him.OOOOh,Id love to have a face to face w/him..Also Bob Rimeck.Belfast,now Texas,Used to let his "member" hang out of his trousers when he took me out witnesing when i was 10.Supahstah!!!!hey!!!!! And The amazing Don Horch,the middle aged sister magnet. His wife appears to have been baptised in lemon juice{thanks Unconfused!}.he "romances all of the older"sisters" and gets them to do his bidding.he is in Italy now,where the "need is great" Riiiight.He is a worm.Cant WAIT for him to come back.I have some letters that he personaly sent to my dad who was terminaly ill,that Id sure like to make him eat,or at least nibble on.

  • Snoozy

    aqua, I also have nothing nice to say about the KH "Elders/Servants" that my hubby attended in his last days either. How they can treat a terminally ill person the way they did and think there is any chance in Hell they will make it into their so called New World is beyond me.

    They better say a lot of prayers for forgiveness if that will help their butt kissing souls..


    ps, the list I made were from when I first went to the KH in the 1960's. ( All good) Things were a lot different then. When hubby went (alone) it was in the 2000's.(All Bad)

    They were :

    Ken Raybine

    Tom Quinn

    North county (St louis) area..

  • Expanded-Mind

    Hey, Man in Black...

    You stated you knew a Keith Milkovich. I know this is a long shot, but is it possible the last name was spelled Malkovich? I knew a Keith Malkovich that was originally from the Chicago area, his wife's name was Mary. Not sure if it would be the same person, but he and his wife were from one of the hall I attended in the suburbs of Chicago.

    Just curious if it could possibly be the same person.

    Take care...


  • DNCall

    Man in Black/Expanded-Mind,

    I believe Keith's last name is spelled Milkovich. He was serving as a CO when I met him. He was a good guitar player and we used him on some recording sessions in Patterson. We used to call each other on Sunday nights when he was finished with his assignment for the week. We would each be sipping martinis and talking about jazz. We exchanged some of our favorite CDs. I really liked Keith and Mary. Last I heard he was a CO in the Chicago area because he needed to be close to his mother who was ill.


  • man in black
    man in black

    yes, this is the keith that I know, he was an elder in crystal Lake for several years, he was part of a really rockin' band back then. They would play

    alot of the witness weddings. When I got married, he was really offended that we did not use his band. ( It was way too much $$$$$ for us.)

    Then a year or two later he moved, last time I spoke to him he was attending the Palatine Ill. hall.

    His Mom was sick, and she died oh about 8 years ago I believe. His wife Mary is one of the nicest people !

    But as an elder, Keith was uber - focused on everybody doing the absolute most in service, if a family had kids, or the wife got pregnant, he had no interest in them outside of the required elder attention directed from bethel. The elders loved him, because he didn't care what anybody said, he was completely focused on things attached to pioneering.

    I will tell you, that the funniest story that I ever heard from any jw came from him :

    He was working on a painting crew painting some newly constructed condominiums. The night before he had eaten some food that did not agree with him, so he was worried that he was going to be sick. well that happened!

    He ran into the nearest bathroom, and had some pretty severe and bad smelling diarrhea. Afterwards he noticed that the water was not connected to the toilet yet. As he was thinking about what to do, he heard voices,,, it seems that someone was coming in the front door to look at the unit. .

    (think of Jeff Daniels in Dumb and Dumber)

    He pulled up his pants, and snuck out the open back door, rejoining the paint crew.

    About fifteen minutes later, the real estate agent came out of the back door, and she yelled, " is their a keith Malkovich around here?

    Sheepishly he went up hoping that she did not go into the bathroom, and how in the world did she know his name?

    When he got off of the ladder, she was holding his wallet in the air,,,,,,,,,, it seems that it fell out of his pants when he rushed to get out of there !

    Mary on the other hand was always friendly, and supportive to everyone, and she really did not seem to be cut from the same cloth as Keith was.

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