How many elders, HLC members know CPR?

by just n from bethel 11 Replies latest watchtower medical

  • stillstuckcruz

    Interesting point. My father is and elder and member of the HLC. As far as I know, he knows nothing of first aid or CPR. I think the point of them is not to administer first aid but simply to act a physical guide....a...voice if you case you are unable to speak for yourself or if the hospital is giving you trouble. They assume most all the witnesses have the same basic medical wants as far as blood goes so they usually tell doctors all the same thing/

  • blondie

    I will say this, I called an HLC member for information on a product made with expired blood, and he refused because he was not a doctor and referred me to my own physician. Nothing is black and white with individual jws or the HLC. But some have bigger egoes than others.

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