Would the world be a better place with more tea

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  • nugget

    kenyan single estate tea first thing in the morning is fabulous. I'll settle for Assam.

    My grandmother's two key pieces of advice to me were never buy cheap paint or cheap tea. These have served me well.

  • tec

    I don't know about the world, but my house at the moment would be :) I'm out.

  • boyzone


    What a wise grandma

  • wobble

    "It's times like these that I wish I had listened to what my old grandma said !! "

    "Why, what did she say?"

    "I don't know, I didn't listen"

    I used to drink a tea marketed by a Welsh company I believe, called "Glengette" , when I said I drank Glengette people thought I was referring to a single malt whisky ! Imagine, Wobble drinking the hard stuff !

    I now settle for Yorkshire tea as everyday stuff, I can't find Glengette these days, but always have special teas in the cupboard for whan I get the urge to drink one.

    Really good coffee, ready for use in a cafetierre is difficult to find, easy on the Continent, but here they think that the English only like bland I suppose I'll have to go back to grinding my own, or buy a machine and those infernal pods.

  • designs

    What a lovely civilized group you tea drinkers are...

    We have alot of herbs and spices growing on our property, we'll sun dry the leaves for a week or so and them boil em up.

  • cantleave

    OK Wobble - Single Malt Whisky now we are talking!!!!

  • wobble

    Single malt Whisky has had a thread of its own in the past, another one would not hurt I suppose. 40 year old McCallans is nice.

    off topic, what programme is Cantleave's interview on ? day, time, host etc ? In the U.K we can listen on the Internet, and listen again later if it is really good ! If you don't want to post full details then PM, or E-mail me please. Fanks.

    Answering the thread title to a degree, I think the world would be a better place with more tea drinking, it is a peaceful, contemplative pastime that has proven health benefits, not least that it is very unusual for someone to commit a murder whilst drinking a cup of tea.

    Which is at least a tempory health benefit to the prospective victim.

  • aquagirl


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