Do you dress your pets?

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  • Snoozy

    I often wonder if people/kids still do that. As a child I had many cats and delighted in putting my doll clothes on them and rocking them in the rocking chair..I would even make a tent on my Mom's bed and put them in it like they were in a cave..I had a great imigination..

    They would tolerate it for a while and then decide the fun was over..picky cats...

    So if you have animals do you dress them up now? Or did you or your kids dress them up? They looked so cute!

    I went to a Animal store with my daughter (grown) where they sold special dog food and they just had so many adorable reminded me of my "Younger days"

    Course then I grew up and got to dress up real klittle kiddies..

    Snoozy..a animal lover..when someone else owns them..

  • straightshooter

    I know of some who dress up their dogs to keep them warm during the winters. As for me, I don't.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Small breeds need warm coats in the winter. Look at how toy dogs shiver during the summer. One of my fondest memories is when I came home from high school and was shocked to see the family dog dancing like a ballerina in my toddler doll's dress. She never put her front paws on the ground. My siblings did it. The unexpected shock was too much. She burst the seams of the dress when she put on weight. My doll went naked from that day.

  • FirstLastName

    I loved to put our family cat in my doll bed as a kid. As an adult I even put my Sphynx cat in a fur coat just for the irony! I now have a dog that so far has been safe from my dressing "skills".


  • Snoozy
  • mimimimi

    I had bought boots for one of our dogs when she had injuries to the pads on two of her feet. She didn't really like the boots and would step very high while she had them on. Once she was healed, we would once in a while still put the boots on her and hang a cow bell around her neck and she would go high stepping through the yard, clanging the cow bell all the way. We would laugh till we were sick.

  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    Item imageWe have to dress our 18 month old chihuahua "Tiara" when we go out in cold weather or else she shivers. She has a variety of different hoodies and jumpers and gets excited when we get them out the drawer because she knows she is going outside.

  • nugget

    can't dress a fish they just sink

  • ProdigalSon

    I've been in the pet boutique business since 2000. We have everything from shoes to strollers to bibs to yamulkas and talises.... (it's in an upscale Jewish neighborhood). It is definitely fun.

  • Finally-Free

    I gave Rocco his hat in photoshop. If I tried to do it for real I'd probably lose a finger. He's loving and tolerant, but he has his limits.


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