Have you ever liked ANY good non religious articles in WT or AW?

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  • Iamallcool

    I do not want to hear from any JW apologists. Thank you!

  • VIII

    Joke of the day thread?

    To answer your question:


  • Snoozy

    Lots of them..I looked forward to the Awake magazine...


  • LV101

    YES --- i used to enjoy reading the 'Watching the World,' or whatever it was called in the back sections of the Awake yrs. ago and enjoyed pictures of the various animals when relaxing/falling asleep --- there's a concept, asleep w/Awake. I think they have some good articles and enjoyed receiving in the mail yrs. ago. Sometimes when you just don't want to think anymore and kick it --- they're enjoyable. I was lacking Bible knowledge (just knew rules and more rules from baptist church as a child) so it wasn't a total waste of my time.


  • wannabefree

    There was an Awake! article a decade or two ago about bats that I enjoyed.

    Holy cow, it was a longer time ago than I realized ... Jan 22, 1989

  • Snoozy

    I think it was the Awake that ran a article they quoted from I think the old Like magazine ..it was a story on how they had found a graveyard (full) for infants (aborted) in the back of a Nun's convent. I think it was the first hint that the Priest's were up to no good!

    The magazine was run out of business after that. (Life).

    I tried to find out what issue of Awake it was in but couldn't. It had to be in the 60's or early 70's tho. I believe the Life magazine was out of business the first time in or around 1972.

    The Awake was up to date and printed things others were afraid to .


  • beksbks

    Absolutely, I agree with "watching the world", and others. But that was when I was a kid/youth, and now I wonder what kind of errors or veiled preaching I might see as an adult with eyes open.

  • heathen

    I'd say yes there were some interesting articles about the earth and science. Hard to believe they actually had some good articles on that stuff.

  • WTWizard

    One article, from the July 8, 1989 Asleep!, had "Death for Sale". It bashed smoking--I never smoked, even before becoming a witless. However, I find even more informative articles against smoking (and other health issues) by going online and doing research on the sites (mainstream and alternative) that come up there.

  • factfinder

    There were many articles in both magazines I enjoyed. Of course the ones about bethel and the printing operations were of special interest to me!

    I very much looked forward to each issue. I still get them from a sister I know. ( but she stopped giving me the study edition a while back- I should ask why.) I've been reading them since I was 18- it's a hard habit to break. Well, I've always loved books and magazines and am curious about each new issue.

    But now, after learning so much about how wrong the jw teachings are and what really took place behind the scenes at bethel, I am prejudiced against the wts. So I read very little, if anything in the mags anymore. I no longer believe in it. I still skim through them. I look for info I'd be interested in: 90% of the time there isn't any. Same with Time, RD and other magazines I subscribe to.

    But to answer your question- I used to LOVE the w and g! There were way too many articles I liked to list them or remember them.

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