Since the numbers of those partaking are increasing......

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  • justmom

    ........and NOT decreasing, and 1935 hasn't shut up the heavenly hope....

    then maybe folks are hearing the invitation at John 6:35-59......

    "I am the bread of life! He that feeds on my flesh and drinks my blood (communion) has EVERLASTING life, and a RESURRECTION. UNLESS you eat the flesh of the Son of man and drink his blood, you have NO Life in yourselves. Iam the living bread that came down from heaven; if ANYONE (not just 144,00) eats this bread he will live forever. He that feeds on my flesh and drinks my blood REMAINS in union with me and I in union with him."

    In the wilderness....ALL ate the same manna and drank from the rockmass, not just the levite priests. 1Corinthians 10:1-5

    This organization has "shut up the kingdom of God from its people" so as not to let them in, lying to them saying THEY as an organization through them and a fake governing body will give them life in a paradise.

    As the saying goes...A little leaven ferments the whole lump...when are people going to see that this organization is INFESTED with leaven (hypocrisy) , continually changing times, seasons and prophecies to fit their so-called "New Light".

    Quit touching the unclean thing so that our Lord and Savior and father can take you in!

    Just Mom

  • porfiada

    Just mom

    You are probably right. I do not see how can anyone who believes to follow Christ and wish to value his sacrifice REFUSE to partake on the emblems of his blod and flesh's sacrifice.

    The CO of my ex congregation said t me that he believed that the numbers of partakers rose because people like to do as they used to do in their ordinary or former church.

    Clearly, in John 6:35-39 Jesus did not say that there was a second category or non-partakers that would anyway have their sins forgiven and live in paradise on earth. He made it pretty plain. You need to drink his blood and eat his flesh to gain everlasting life. I raised this issue to an old family friend and she just went on and on about how it was just his disciples at the last supper. However he had made this invitation BEFORE the last supper, to EVERYONE.

    That is why I have been thinking these days about how could we, ex jw and other people who have realized how deceptive the WTS is, make an international effort to COMBAT THE INCREASED PREACHING encouraged weeks before the memorial to INVITE NON JWs to the MEMORIAL.

    The WTS loves to count all the memorial visitors as prospective bible studies and future JWs. So if we can cut down the number of visitors we reduce the prospects of WTS of gaining more victims, and save their families from the divisions caused by this religion. THe WTS could not boast as much in their Yearbooks on the attendance to the this mostly NON-PARTAKING MEMORIAL.

    For example, we could have a facebook group THIS EASTER COMMEMORATE JESUS'S DEATH AND PARTAKE FROM HIS SACRIFICE: ANY CHRISTIAN CHURCH WOULD DO. JUST DON'T GO THE JEHOVAH's WITNESSES MEMORIAL BECAUSE THEY EXPECT YOU NOT TO PARTAKE (You will only be warming the seat and not accepting the symbols of his sacrifice).

    The problem with facebook is of course that you are anonymous and most JWs and ex JWs cannot come out like that without getting further shunning.

    Anyone has any suggestions about how to do this? Any better ideas?

  • justmom

    Dear porfiada...

    or.....instead of discouraging them from going...we could just go ourselves and show them what they "ALL" are supposed to be doing themselves as god's so-called chosen religion. Demonstrate to them that every year they pass over the bread and wine, they "pass over" life through a covenant that is open to all.

    just a thought

    Just mom

  • donuthole

    While we have seen steady increase there was a huge jump the year the Society adjusted their view of 1935. This surge in partakers was not the result of confused converts but rather from Jehovah's Witnesses who had felt the need to partake for untold years but held back until they received permission from the Governing Body.

  • heathen

    are you kidding .they needed permission from brooklyn ? The apostle Paul did elaborate on those worthy and those not but apparently if you weren't going to eat and drink then you were to stay home. You really can only approve of yourself according to Paul, other wise you would eat and drink judgement against yourself . They just don't think the earthling class should do it since they are not part of the new covenent of the israel of God or known as the 144k. Earthlings are only equal to the foreign prosolytes that converted but had no legal rights as an Israelite in the mosaic system.

  • justmom

    Hello Heathen (lol)

    appreciate your comment but when paul was asking each individual to scrutinize wasn't whether or not one had a heavenly or earthly hope, remember there was only ONE hope offered. It was whether or not one had leaven or hatred in in heart for his brother. First to clear it and then take your sacrifice to the alter.

    Research some verses that mention "paradise earth" and notice the only I believe 3 verses that mention the word paradise has reference to the kingdom in heaven. There is not one verse that mentions paradise on earth.

    Just a thought


  • james_woods
    While we have seen steady increase there was a huge jump the year the Society adjusted their view of 1935.

    Wait just a minute - did I miss something??? The Society has adjusted their view of 1935???

  • sd-7
    Wait just a minute - did I miss something??? The Society has adjusted their view of 1935???

    Yeah. May 1, 2007 Watchtower, page 30 or 31, I believe. I just looked it up this weekend myself, in fact, though I already knew about it.

    Also, the context of Paul's instructions about scrutinizing oneself was that people were treating the Lord's evening meal as just another meal, like they could eat their own personal food alongside it. There was an unbalanced view of it. The Corinthians needed to rethink how they viewed it, to see it as sacred. At least that's my thought on it.

    I think it would be scary to partake simply because JWs judge you on it. But I figured, on a more basic level, doesn't the great crowd wash its robes in the blood of the Lamb? How can that be reconciled with refusing to partake of the symbol that represents that blood? Doesn't make sense. The idea that some--MOST--are excluded from partaking doesn't seem to make sense when you think about the whole 'one flock, one shepherd' thing. If some in the flock have such an elevated position that only they can partake, isn't it really two flocks?

    I think a big change that would be welcomed would be for everyone to partake. I think it would be sad, though, because...why would anyone need to wait for man's permission to partake of things that the Lord has given? In its own way it would be embarrassing, a reflection of how little conscience JWs get to exercise.


  • james_woods

    OK, so what did the May 1, 2007 Watchtower say?

    IIRC, the old view was that from 1931 to 1935 the numbers chosen to be new annointed withered away, and that past 1935 the Great Crowd (earthly non-annointed JWs) was chosen.

    Allowance was made that a very few new annointed could be selected post 1935, usually under the context that some previously annointed person had died "outside the truth" and needed to be replaced.

    So, what specifically has changed?

  • sd-7

    In short, there's no longer a specific date for when the calling of people to be anointed ends. There's another thread that's kind of active on a related topic, that actually has the specific quote from the article.

    This is clearly politics at its finest. (1) Remove 1935 date. (2) Change 'understanding' of Matt. 24:34 to 'this [anointed] generation. (3) Make sure it's clear that the generation whose lives overlapped with the [essentially all-dead] 1914 generation of anointed is the relevant one.

    In short, it's a passing of the torch to the new generation of Governing Body members. It makes them look especially important as the ones who will lead the JWs into the 'promised land' after...about 97 years of wandering in the wilderness. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't unpack my stuff, as much as THIS pillar of cloud seems to be moving...


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