Is the April 2011 Auxillary Pioneer 30 hours official ???

by RubaDub 14 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • abuonconsiglio


    It's official also in Italy and I think in all the world

  • dogon

    I think the real goal here is nothing more than spreading out the pain of going in service. If you lower the time needed to get the title of Pioneer than more people will do it. Thereby keeping up the hours spent to bring in new recruits. If 5 people put in 50 hours but now they drop to 2 who are putting in the time, if you lower that time and give a title out you get say 10 or 12 people now putting in 30 hours instead of 50. You had 5 people putting in 250 hours now you have 10 putting in 30 and you have gained a net increase of propaganda spreading. I think its only reason is to up the time spent spreading the bull shit. Take the price down on the crap soda and more people will be lured into buy and profits actually go up.

  • WTWizard

    This comes with a guilt price. "It's only 30 hours, you should be able to reach that target" is the answer that most witlesses are going to get. They probably will get a pio-sneer slip shoved in their faces, with intense pressure to sign up. And, while they are at it, "Can't you try for 50? You shouldn't be trying for only the minimum. What if you were to get paid the minimum at work? Would you like that? You should, therefore, sign up for the 50."

    Well, maybe they should get the amount at which point the marginal cost to the person exceeds the marginal benefit to that person. When it is just starting to cost the person more to do the next unit than that person is actually getting benefit, the field circus should stop. Whether that happens at zero, at 10 hours a month, 30, 50, or at 200 hours a month, that should be each and every person's target. No more, no less. And, if they don't like that, they should increase the actual value to the person of doing the field circus.

  • Desilusionnee

    Yes it's official in Austria also. My husband told me they read the letter yesterday for the 2nd (!!!) time.


  • yknot

    'just sayin'....

    1 hour a day....folks

    If they ever do permanently lower the hours I do think it would be wildly successful. (hint hint Bethel Boys)

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