Are there any Watchtower prophesies that came true?

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  • Vanderhoven7

    <<are there any [documented] 'prophesies' that actually came true?>>

    Yes, but those with invisible fulfillments only. For example:

    - 1914 Christ invisibly becomes present and finally turns his attention to earth.

    - 1914 Time of Gentile rulership ceases

    - 1918 Christ rejects all the churches except the WTS

    - 1918 Christ resurrects the Apostle Paul to heavenly glory, along with other spiritual Israelites.

    - 1919 Christ appoints the FDS as sole channel of communication to mankind

    I am currently embroiled in an argument with 2 JWs at the following location under the thread "Date For The World's End". I've accused them of being false prophets and you can see their self-justifying arguments in response. Some of the members here have provided info. Please feel free to add

    It starts to get interesting (JWs get riled) around post # 40 on.

  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    Wait a minute!

    What about the "ancient worthies" like David, Abraham, and Moses? Are you telling me that they DID NOT show up in San Diego in 1925?

    Could I have been mislead?


  • processor

    There was ONE prophecy that came true ;)

    The Golden Age, October 15, 1919:


    Today there are "wireless telephone systems making long-distance conversation possible to any part of the world". Still, this is not available "at nominal cost", but wait another 10 years and we'll have that.

    So, the prophecy was fulfilled, and here we see clearly what the WTS means with "in a very few years, at most".

  • Leolaia

    GL Tirebiter....It's from a 1924 issue of the Golden Age. See my "Golden Age Goodies" thread for the complete citation.

  • BluesBrother

    During WW2 they foretold that the League of Nations would reappear , based on the Rev. Scripture that the beast was , but then was not, but will be again. They used to present that as prediction that came true. I have since read that many commentators expected it to happen anyway.

  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    Sorry Processor, but that prophecy came from the "Marconi wireless experts," not the Watchtower. The Golden Age was simply grabbing a news story from wire services and reprinting it.

    Sorry - no credit unless they came up with it on their own.


  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    Blues Brother,

    The Allied Forces called themselves officially as "United Nations combined forces" from about 1943 forward. The four main allied powers continued as the security council, USA, Great Britain, France, USSR. China was also considered a "member," but since they fought only in defensive mode and did not send troops to other parts of the world, they were not really considered important (like Belgium, Netherlands, Norway, etc.), although they were "allies."

    It was pretty clear by 1942, based on the public speeches of Roosevelt and Churchill, that the League of Nations would be replaced by a similar organization. The main difference would be that the USA, instead of refusing to join the League, would take the leadership role for the UN.

    All the writers of the Watchtower had to do was pick up a New York Times and read the headlines. The term "United Nations" was all over the front pages throughout the war.


  • processor

    Sorry Processor, but that prophecy came from the "Marconi wireless experts," not the Watchtower

    As if they had invented their other prophecies by themselves ;) All copied from adventists, from George Storrs, later stolen from spiritist Johannes Greber ...

    ... but you're right, of ccourse.

  • wobble

    I thought I had found one once, it looked to me as though Russell had predicted Global Warming, but a proper analysis of what he wrote (plagiarised anyway ,if memory serves) by our dear Leo and others showed that this was not what he was saying anyway.

    I still am surprised that "God's Organization" , his "Channel of communication" (TM's) , has not got one thing right.

    He (God) sure don't tell 'em much.

  • finallysomepride

    I think at a few of the assemblies they predicted that lunch was going to be at 12:30, hey and guess what they were right

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