What is the Trinity?

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    I have not got the time to read the whole of this thread, someone else needs to use this computer right now, or soon. so I risk here saying what others have said, but here goes.

    I perceive the average JW's view as: "The Trinity is not a Bible teaching, it comes from pagandom, and therefore any religion that has it in its beliefs is false religion"

    This view, as with any JW view as a rule, is totally erroneous.

    The problem we have when trying to get an understanding of such matters is that we have to anthropomorphise, and we have to express in words that which is really ineffable.

    As our dear Brotherdan said, it is similar with other things outside our purview, such as eternity, it is easy to slip in to the mistake of saying, what happened before "Time" ?, of course, there was no before.

    The problem with trying to get Jehovah's Witneeses to wrestle with philosophical questions is insurmountable, when it come to thinking deep thoughts they are not even at the tying their own shoelaces stage, but for those of us who have left, to fall in to the old trap of dismissing something because we do not comprehend it, is to make a very JW mistake, and I detect an element of that in some posters comments.

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    The JW view was simple enough and they saw Christianity as the great apostacy, we had that drumbed into us at each meeting. Christianity of course has its own insurmountable problems but that happens when you are making a new religion, intellectual and philosophical holes and gaps abound.

  • The Finger
    The Finger

    i think that Arius believed that Son was or would become divine and what we know of Arius mostly comes from Athanasius. JW's have diminished Christ. In changing the baptism they diminish him even further. I think the JW go further than Ariunaism

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