LURKERS: Is JW the only true religion? Here is my personal research!

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  • sabastious
    But also remember a Kingdom os coming, God's. Many religions, like shrapnel, have some truth. But who has the grenade? Jehovah's witnesses

    Grenades? Well I've never thought of it that way, guess it's back to the Kingdom Hall for me.


  • Pika_Chu

    @pnt: how do you figure?

  • Franklin Massey
    Franklin Massey

    1pnt, I have a question about the group that you call "little flock," legal God chosen class," "remnant," and "144,000" that you claim is in our midst and leading this great preaching work of the Good News of God's Kingdom. How exactly are they leading? Do they all hold positions in the congregations worldwide? Do they all receive a special amount of Holy Spirit; more than an average JW publisher who is not part of this elite group? Do they all have a say in directing the work that is being done? Do they all contribute to the printed materials that are distributed worldwide? Do they all get to be part of the leadership selection process?

  • nugget

    1pnt you have not really addressed any of the issues outlined in the thread.

    You say that the preaching work is done worldwide but that is not the case. It is not even done very well in the countries where the work is not under ban. I have not seen a witness in this area for over a year and when they do come their presentations are so weak as be ineffectual and pointless.

    Presentism is no guarantee of a good effective message. It would be like someone coming to my house to warn of an emergency and telling me instead not to leave the cooker on.

    Mr camping for all his idiocy was better at getting his message worldwide coverage than the witnesses have been for decades. No they have not fulfilled Mat 24 not even close.

    Get your nose away from the witness grindstone and look around for once and actually think about it. Witnesses are tired and pressured it is no wonder that that service is a token. I have worked with enough people on the service to know that if challenged 90% couldn't tell you what is in any of the magazines they present beyond the cover

  • tresdecu

    Marked for future ref! (hopefully for my wife...) Great points


    It's a bummer that 1 nut can really sidetrack a thread....good job 1pnt.

  • startingover

    I concur, great post!!!!

    Grenade? Really?

  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    Excellent comment, nugget!

    Sometimes I wonder if these trolls even read what they've written. What exactly did 1pnt say?

    I got this message through a contact form on my website. I read it every so often when there's nothing good on TV...

    "Jehovah winnesses are THE true RElgion! I know cause they told me to. They are the onlie ones Jehovah talks to and it says so in the Watchtower. Sometimes in the Awake to! All other trinity and hellfire religions are false religions and thats because they dont understnd the bilbe like our slave class does. I know JW is the right religion becasuse I fell so good going to meetings and being around other Jehovah lovers. You are all ingorant and will miss out on lving for ever in God's only kindgom that came in 1914. I feal sorry for you, but I dont'"

    So sad...

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Great OP.

    Punk, I will never forgive you for inviting that stooge into this thread.

    Aw heck, who am I kidding? We're good bro.

  • sd-7

    That whole thing about the preaching work is a big red herring. Jesus Christ, the supposed King of the Kingdom, had his name REMOVED from the cover of The Watchtower! Yet the message of the good news CENTERS on him! The introductory paragraph stating the purpose of The Watchtower mentions Jehovah, then mentions the function of ANCIENT WATCHTOWERS in the past, and almost the whole paragraph is over before Jesus is mentioned.

    I wonder how that goes over with the King, getting second-billing to a watchtower and getting his name taken off the cover...


  • nugget

    thank you for responding but you again miss the point. This board does not claim to preach on behalf of God or anyone else and so our numbers are irrelevent to your arguments. We do not make these claims but your organisation does. The statistics you talk about are meaningless since they reflect different people counting different things. Time spent on preaching work contains a large element of dead time, e.g. travelling to and from doors, time working empty streets that were worked the same time last week and finding the same NHs. Time spent to no purpose talking about banalities or megre presentations that do nothing to advance Gods message.

    Magazine placements contain magazines posted through doors of NHs or those left in laundremats and funeral homes that may be seen as litter by some.

    And your organisation does not preach worldwide vast swathes of the globe are untouched because the message is unpalatable and conflicts with the religion of the state. One or even 100 witnesses in an arab country does not represent an effective witness in that country.

    Think about those numbers the billions of hours of wasted time. I was truly shocked to discover what low regard is held for witnesses in the world outside the watchtower there is no feeling that witnesses have a religious ideal all should aspire too. Any kingdom associated with them holds no appeal because the witnesses themselves make it unappealing.

    Your idea of unifying the world is to destroy anyone who holds a different point of view that is not unification it is genocide.

    You say christendom has preached nothing how do you know? They invite people to their churches and their ideas are more inclusive and their God warmer than the watchtower one. If we are talking about impact, Harold camping achieved more in a couple of months than witness did in decades. His message though wrong got out there. The witness message is also wrong it preys on the vulnerable and creates people who cannot think clearly or even logically as you demonstrate on a daily basis. I think the back of the bus TV route would work wonders for you.

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