LURKERS: Is JW the only true religion? Here is my personal research!

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    Thanks everybody for your kind words. I hope this will help somebody along the way.


  • I quit!
    I quit!

    I remember witnesses using the example of how you tell counterfeit money by looking at a real bill so you don't need to learn about other religions but they really didn't want you look to close. They were very careful at pointing out what they wanted you to look at.

  • PSacramento

    An excellent post MF31 but one that is destined to fall on "blind eyes".

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    This brings to mind the WT study article from Sunday, where young ones were encouraged to "prove to themselves that the Bible is true." When the Society says that, what they really mean is "ratify what you've been told to believe," as could be seen from the next paragraphs emphasizing Bible/WT literature reading. There is no risk in that kind of inquiry; in fact, that's not true inquiry at all. It's merely reinforcement of an a priori belief system. Yet it gives the illusion of a certain kind of intellectual rigor, that the Bible can be proven to conform to JW teachings through an impartial examination, which aligns with the JW idea of ultimate, objective, immutable (yes, despite the ever-fluctuating beams of "new light") and proprietarial Truth.

    To embark on the kind of inquiry contemplated by mentallyfree's post means to put the JW idea of Truth at great risk; it means to step outside the discourse community and to be willing to have your entire world view upset. It also means a lot of hard work--it's so much easier to simply read the mags and WT literature and to have that cozy, warm feeling of having been right all along.

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  • punkofnice

    Good post.

    Where are the usual JW trolls? DJeggnog, 1pnt, maze and those other non JW's pretending to be JW's but are actually not. Those nut jobs that post a whole 'war and peace' copy/paste if you ask something simple like 'is it raining where you are?'

  • punkofnice

    Ah. 1pnt has bitten the bait.

    Punk sits back for a good chuckle!smiley: roll

    How's your 'toes'?smiley: rollsmiley: rollsmiley: roll

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