Is there a biblical 1914?

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  • ProdigalSon

    With the use of cross-referenced scriptures, day-for-year substitutions, time-gap theories, symbolism, Jewish-year vs. Gregorian year, false chronologies, falsified archaelogical evidence, artful contrivance, spiritual osmosis, and outright lying, you can make the Bible point to virtually ANY date to fulfill just about ANY allegedly prophesied event.

    The real trick is, that if enough people believe the prophecies will take place literally, their collective consciousness can actually make them happen.... and voila, it's God's Word.

  • PSacramento
    AiAi, there are quite a few, here are some I found at:

    3mozzies, most of the stuff you listed aren't contridictions, you do realize that right?

  • thetrueone

    Its also worthy to point out that the year 1914 was derived from the fictitious belief in Pyramidology first,

    by C T Russell and preached by him and believed by the IBSA., thats why there is a stone pyramid built beside his tombstone.

    When Russell died and the WTS was taken over by J Rutherford, it was acknowledged by himself that the Pyramid of Geze had no real

    connection to the ancient Israelites and it was built solely within the spiritual beliefs of the Egyptians. But Rutherford took it upon himself that

    creating a specific date of Christ's return was a valuable asset in helping in the circulation of his published literature as it did attract the publics

    attention. As far as a scriptural basis to establish 1914 there is none, in actuality to even try and make a calculation of this kind is going against

    Christ's own teaching for he clearly stated that no one shall the know of the time, not even his said Faithful Discrete Slave.

    So what the WTS has been preaching and selling is a direct Apostate position against Christ's own teachings.

    Dates/years used by the WTS publishing house were used as a marketable commodity, to attract the publics attention and to heighten

    the progression of this organization's own published literature through their devoted established followers.(door to door publishers)

    Armageddon and the apocalyptic end times still has its commercial appeal and not just toward the Jehovah's Witnesses,

    there are other Religious organizations selling books, DVDs and even movies in Hollywood.

    The WTS derived its wealth and power from aggressive fraudulent exploitation of the bible itself and the exploitation of people they culled

    toward the organization.

  • AiAi

    alot of what 3mozzies listed are either symantics or only surface contradictions but he was still the first person to actually respond based on what I was looking for.

  • aqwsed12345

    ...Russel did not calculate WW1, because his calculations lead to October of 1914, but the World War did not start at October, but at summer of 1914... :-)

  • aqwsed12345
  • james_woods
    ...Russel did not calculate WW1, because his calculations lead to October of 1914, but the World War did not start at October, but at summer of 1914... :-)

    Also because he said nothing about WW1 - he thought Jesus was coming to bring the new world order.

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