Is there a biblical 1914?

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  • AiAi

    I have noticed that people that hold no faith in the bible can easily find reasons not to believe it is god's word. likewise, I have found that when one does hold faith in the bible they can continue to believe it against any contrary evidence. the torah not being written by moses is not a big deal to some, neither are the two creation accounts in genises. In fact, some go so far as to claim that some scripture is of god while others are just the writters opinion (although they never explain how one can tell which is which). I do understand that despite all evidence, no matter how compelling, some will never change their opinion.

    My question is: Is there a biblical 1914? or 'generation' teaching? something that to a reasonable and openminded person would be enough proof to discredit the bible, just like those two teachings are enough for some to leave the watchtower? I guess my question is along the lines of the post 'Punchdown arguments' except focused on the bible. I no ultimatly anything can be reconciled to fit with the bible somehow, just look at the borg; but what seems, at least to you personally, as strong enough proof the bible is just a book that one cannot ignore or explain it?

    EDIT: I am not asking about 1914 I am asking if there are any biblical passages or other such things that can be used to prove the bible wrong

  • james_woods

    In a word - no.

  • AiAi

    that is what I am suspicious of.

    But I was hoping for some attempts xD

  • Larsinger58

    Bible chronology links 1914 to the "last generation" of 80 years in contrast to the "last generation" of Noah, which is 120 years, dated from 1874; both dates focussed on by the WTS.

    So yes 1914 is a "Biblical date" but the WTS has 2 out of 3 applications incorrect.

    1. Yes, 1914 begins the last generation of 80 years, dating it from 1914-1994, meaning the second coming must occur before 1994, per the Bible.

    2. 1914 IS NOT the "end of the gentile times" which is when the Jews are restored charge of their own promised land. This technically took place on November 30, 1947; the State of Israel was set up shortly afterward in the Spring of 1948. So the "end of the gentile times" is 1947-1948, NOT 1914.

    3. Because the WTS was deceived by revisionary chronology from the Neo-Babylonian and Persian Periods, they misdated the fall of Babylon to 539 BCE and further the fall of Jerusalem to 607 BCE. Now we can positively correct that dating with the fall of Jerusalem occurring correctly in 529 BCE. That means the "7 times" prophecy which ends 2520 years after the fall of Jerusalem is dated to 1992 rather than 1914. Of course, per #1 above, 1992 does meet the criteria of having the 2nd coming occur prior to 1994, or before a generation of 80 years after 1914 occurs.

    The WTS is now considered "apostate" by the true chosen elect, so they are in spiritual darkness about this as well as many other things at this point.


  • Joey Jo-Jo
    Joey Jo-Jo

    Biblical? Even 587BCE is from secular dating, JW's use the secular date 539BCE as point of reference which with their understanding on daniel and jeremiah gives then 607BCE the destruction of Jerusalem, there are various ways to disprove this by either secular or biblical data, a good book about this is Gentile Times Reconsidered.

  • TD


    The Bible is a loosely organized anthology, not a single contiguous book from cover to cover. Eisigetical chronological systems crumble into dust once you put that presupposition behind you.

  • HayDay

    (this is just one piece of the puzzle taken for

    Daniel 4 - no Second Fulfilment

    Every single prophecy in Daniel had only one fulfilment, yet the Watchtower claims Daniel 4:9-32 should have two fulfilments.

    • Daniel 2: An immense image representing kingdoms
    • Daniel 4: Seven times representing Nebuchadnezzar
    • Daniel 5: Writing on the wall foretelling Babylon's immediate destruction
    • Daniel 7: Four beasts being 4 world powers
    • Daniel 9: Seventy weeks foreshadowing Christ's arrival
    • Daniel 11: Kings of the North and South

    Why would Daniel 4 have a second fulfilment when all other prophecies had but one fulfilment?

    The right hand menu contains the passage from Daniel 4. This prophesies that Nebuchadnezzar would act as a beast for 7 years. It takes a significant imagination to deduce that Daniel 4 points to our time. There is no reference to a second fulfilment, no reference to Gentile times, no reference to the Last Days and no reference to the Israelites. Despite this, the prophecy of the seven times is the lynch pin of the Watchtower belief structure and the only scripture that is used to indicate that Jesus started ruling specifically in the year 1914.

    The current Watchtower understanding is that this prophecy signifies the end of God's rulership through the Jews in 607 B.C. The next 2,520 years were the Gentile Times of the Nations, until God re-established his Kingdom in heaven in 1914.

    The interpretation goes as follows;

    • The cutting down of the tree represents the destruction of the Kingdom of Judah by Nebuchadnezzar in 607 B.C.
    • The "seven times" constitute 2,520 years, 7 lunar years of 360 days each
    • The principle of "a day for a year" converts 2520 days to 2520 years
    • The 2520 years of the Gentile times ended in 1914, coinciding with the start of Jesus heavenly rulership

    Even if Daniel 4 was to have a secondary fulfilment each point is based on misconceptions.

  • bottleofwater

    "day for a year" = "bullshit for fact"

  • Ding

    1914 is just as much a non-biblical WT date as 1874, 1918-1919, 1925, and 1975.

    "The generation that saw the events of 1914" has no special connection to Bible end times prophecies.

  • villabolo

    Maybe they can answer your question?


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