According to lice, humans first wore clothes 170,000 years ago

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    I thought Eve looked very sexy in her Fig Leaf Bikini........ circa 166,435BC

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    aguest: All these method use statistical modelling of mutation of the DNA and only give approximate answers -- in return, they rely on the input date not being corrupted, they rely on nothing "crazy" happening to the mutation rates, they rely on God not creating lice in a special way for reasons we do not understand and they finally rely on the scientists actually having choosen the right model in the first place.

    so no, and its not even 99%.

    its to bad we dont have that many threads on the physical evidence for noahs ark though.

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  • AGuest

    Ummmm... I actually [thought I'd] posted a comment, dear Bohm (peace to you!)... so imagine my surprise just now on finding nothing there. WT...??? The gist: I found a "science" article on Noah's Ark, actually... and quoted it as well as posted the source (which, although debated, I'm sure, is assumed by most of the science community to be reliable, so...). I then stated something about everyone being imperfect... that even scientists, although nobel and even altruistic some, have the same goal as we do: to eat and keep a roof over their heads. Meaning... a bottom line (and a very good, unbiased book on the subject of science and PR... and how scientists are often paid to state certain "facts" speaks to that).

    The bottom line here? We all have to put our faith in something (yep, each and every one of us). Some choose religion, some choose "Jesus", some choose the almighty dollar, some choose science. But all choose something... and thus, someone. Unfortunately, most of what we put our faith in is derived from man... whether there are "facts" to support it or not. Unfortunately, man is imperfect and, therefore, subject to error... and, unfortunately, that leads to those who put their faith in him... being subject to being misled. By religion, theology, philosophy, opinion... and science.

    I don't have anything against, science, dear one, not at all. I am VERY intrigued by it, which is why I took several courses in university. I really thought I would find the "answer". Instead, I only found more reason to put my faith in God, through Christ. As I have said on many occasions, we live in the physical world and so need to understand that world. I am all for that. I just don't... can't... put my FAITH in science... because (1) science hasn't proven anything to make me do so, and (2) I no longer put it in earthling man. Not that man is bad, not at all; rather, because man is imperfect. We all are. And so when you put your faith in man you double... if not triple... if not more... your chances of being misled: his imperfect, plus your imperfection... leads to more... imperfection.

    So, I put my faith in One who is perfect, who never fabricates, whose mouth always utters truth. And HE says that anyone would be foolish (in a bad way) to completely dismiss science. Indeed, he helped me understand what I did learn... and how it fits with the creation.

    So, like everthing else, I simply weigh what science SAYS... against what has been proven TRUE, as well as against what my Lord says is true. And so far... so good: what he says to me always corroborates what's been proven true. However, some things that he tells me has not yet been proven... by science OR religion. Unfortunately, I cannot say whether it ever will or won't.

    Again, I bid you peace!

    YOUR servant and a slave of Christ,


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