Witness came to my house

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  • White Dove
    White Dove

    I'll open the door and not hold back my from sniffing and digging for gold in their crotches and up their dresses.

    That will make them leave and put a bad dog note on the territory card

    She is harmless, except for sniffing and nosing aggressively.

  • d

    The witness came yesterday and left two magazines.We have been out since 2008. I wonder they still come over to bring magazines. I wonder if their big fear of armaggedon is causing them to do this. LOL. These people need to get a life.

  • d

    The witness's came yesterday and left two watchtowers. When will these people learn? It is almost sad to see them going door to door thinking they are saving lives, when in fact it is all a big scam meant to control them. That is what this religon is about control and lack of free thought sickening.

  • moshe

    They are just trying to stay out of trouble- when you see an elderly JW with a cane trying to go door to door, you realize they are just scared that Jehovah will destroy them for not doing enough to find the sheep. It's a life saving work, that doesn't save any lives.

  • d

    two witness came my house and we discussed evolution and they tried to make me see things from their perspective but now I cannot so fooled. So I wll read the magazines and when they come back I will try to refute them.List any questions you think I should ask? this would help in my defense although I think I put up a very good arguement.

  • d

    The Jw's came again Saturday and today about two hours ago. But we ignored them when will they learn.

  • talesin

    Just call the local KH and tell them that you want to be put on their "Do not call" list. Yes, they have one!


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