Witness came to my house

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  • d

    The Witness came to my house on Jan 8 2011 it was completely unannounced.I just wush they would leave us alone. By the way Happy new year everyone I hope you had a goof christmas.

  • SlipnSlide

    Just ignore them and don't open your door. You get used to it after a while. I don't open my door to anyone who does not let me know prior to coming to my home. It is just plain rude.

  • moshe

    My sign will get rid of them-

  • Hairyhegoat

    I think the Bucket of you no what may be in order for these busy bodies We hid last time but I think they saw us!! What are we like!!! Next time they come we are going to give them both a load of verbal and say don't call again we hate the JW religion so sod off or the dog will be roaming round next time when you dare to call ! That should do it


  • Finally-Free

    Thanks for the idea Moshe. I'll stick this one on my door in April.

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    It should not be hard to get rid of them. Most JWs these days appear to be just going through the motions of doing the door to door work - their heart certainly does not seem to be in what they are doing anymore.

    All the ones that have called at my house in recent years were only too happy to have an excuse to beat a hasty retreat:

    - I think that even giving them a sideways look is enough to give them that excuse!


  • moshe

    If they JWs ignore the first sign, you can try another one. Good one F-F!


  • d

    The just came by and just left.They came at the wrong time today.My mom and sister have things to do today.Now is not the time for their nonsense.If you are coming at least have the deceny to call.Coming to somebody's house unexpected is just rude.For me if I am going to somebody house, I least call.So why can't they?

  • wasblind

    I understand your fustration d,

    but they gotta get that time in or they won't be spared when the big "A" hit

    you see what Jesus sacrificed wasn't enough for their salvation, Jesus didn't

    do enough, and they can never do enough, according to the Org. And they

    are bein' constantly asked are they doin' enough, what was given as a gift

    JW's have to earn.

  • d

    The witness came my house saturday. The people were nice my family known them since 1997.BUt is rude since we were cleaning our house.They gave 4 magazines. looking back these people do seem so brainwashed.

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