Child Abuse At The Meetings

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  • just n from bethel
    just n from bethel

    She also says: There's this examplary family in the KH that plays games with the kids by asking them to count the # of times certain word

    Now that I think about it this might work, so long as the words are "obedience or obey" "governing body" or "faithful and discreet slave" - in that case they would be quite busy. They probably wouldn't be able to keep up. After the meeting when the parents count the markings and see that the kids missed a few times, they can spank them for not paying closer attention.

    Of course if the word is "Jesus", the kids might grow bored due to how little that word gets used.

  • just n from bethel
    just n from bethel

    Wow, DY every other sentence of yours is just nuttier than the last. You state:

    it's atrocious how many religions have to hold separate gatherings for the children

    Yes it's amazing how all these different religious groups take a special interest in the children during their developmental period. I mean they must be crazy to be so keenly interested in the way in which children learn the best. The worst thing of all though is that their interest doesn't just stop in the toddler/youth group stage - but often continues right on up to their young adult stages in life. Isn't that disgusting?!!! I mean can you imagine if JWs wasted time trying to take a special interest in the children - setting up programs to help them get on their feet as an adult?!! Crazy. Yep, DY, It would be truly despicable if the Watchtower had any program like these set up by other religions:

    Yep - stupid religions - never taking any serious interest in training or educating young people. If only they could be like JWs - how much better this world would be.

  • Qcmbr

    Doubtfully Yours please never come to the UK. It is a law here not to hit people and we recognise children as people. I know you're a cult slave and to some extent are not fully responsible for the immorality you read and indoctrinate yourself in but you are fully responsible for what you do with that information.

    If you think it is acceptable to smack children you must also agree that it is acceptable to smack adults. Maybe you should write to Bethel and suggest this as a new light idea for your judicial courts. If the person is truly repentant they'll let you smack their bare legs and bums. You will find plenty of support amongst frustrated men in your congregation gulag.

  • just n from bethel
    just n from bethel

    DY says:

    children in time learn to behave and pay attention

    So DY... what's your excuse? Why haven't you learned to pay attention to the governing body about coming to sites like these? What is it you do during the meetings when they talk about associating with disfellowshipped people and bringing in bad association to your home via means of the internet and apostate sites like this? Are you getting up to play with the water fountain? Are you coloring in your theocratic books? Perhaps it's time you learn to behave and pay attention. Maybe a swat by a certain monkey would keep you in line.

  • just n from bethel
    just n from bethel

    But in the end, DY chimes in with some deeply insightful words of wisdom: Parents just need to be smart about it.

    Because we all know - what geniuses most JWs are - especially in parenting. Here are some pictures from my previous congregations that will illustrate just how smart JWs are:

  • just n from bethel
    just n from bethel

    Because if you lovingly discipline your children it can lead to a happy family life.

    From the assembly: "sure we do things together as family - we love our vacations together"

  • watersprout

    I witnessed quite a lot of physical/mental and emotional abuse in the KH's...One child who was 6 months old at the time was thumped because she dared make a noise! It was awful...One little boy was dragged out by dad [who was smirking] and came back in once the screaming had died down with his dads signet ring imprinted on his face! Grrrrrrrrr!

    Both Carrot and myself never hit babysprout! We were soo lax with her she used to toddle off down the aisle and all these hands would be trying to grab her! Lol. If she got bored my dad used to take her for a walk outside down to the stables to look at the horses! She loved that soo much she used to walk up to my dad and say ''come on papa lets go for a walk''...We were frowned upon but who cares! She was allowed to take toys and play on the floor and take a drink and some food...No way was i going to let my babysprout go hungry whilst listening to that drivel! One time Babysprout was sitting on Carrot's lap and she was playing with his tie, the little girl who was the same age was sat in front and climbed onto her dads lap to copy...She picked up her dads tie and it was snatched off her and he whispered something soo awful to her, her face contorted with terror!!!! They were only toddlers!!!!!!! At least Babysprout won't grow up with severe issues, apart from being in that cult, which she reminds us of at least once a week...Every day in the build up to xmas and birthdays! Lol...Dramatic she most certainly is!!!!


  • nugget

    DY I fully understand what you are saying but there is pressure on parents to discipline at the slightest infraction. In the UK a parent cannot hit a child so as to leave a mark since this is regarded as abuse. However until the law was passed parents were less gentle with children since others in the hall were expecting them to take a firm line.

    My husband would take my son outside if he fidgeted or talked through the meeting. You would hear the slap and the howls. He would come back into the hall and start to cry when he saw me and then he would be taken out for another slap for making a scene. This was perfectly acceptable in the context of the kingdom hall. My son is autistic and has trouble keeping quiet and still meetings were impossible for him. In the end if I saw him getting the fidgets I'd take him to sit in the second school so as not to disturb anyone. We had a lot of fun in the school.

    I would also suggest that meetings are set up for children to fail since they are not encouraged to bring in things that are of interest to them but have to sit still and listen to topics that are not appropriate to them. Meetings cover world destruction, bible doctrine, sexual immorality, materialism, working for the lord. There is no effort to engage the children although there is sometime a token question thrown into the mix. In all that time they have to sit and listen. Even some of the adults find that a struggle.

  • cofty
    Now compare to the children that are left to do whatever they want in the name of being 'children'; it's atrocious how many religions have to hold separate gatherings for the children, just because the parents won't be bothered to teach them to sit still and pay attention. And to see how those same undiscipline children behave towards their parents and authority in general while in public is horrendous! - Doubtfully Yours

    This is a false dichotomy.

    How about the third option of spending time with children doing fun things? Laughing, playing games and sports and things that will stimulate learning and nurture their natural curiosity. Forcing children to spend hours sitting through inane droning of poorly educated elders is not good for child development. Dragging children from door to door hour after hour is not good for child development.

    Teaching children to respect the opinions of a controlling organisation is tantamount to child abuse. Hitting a child for becoming restless IS child abuse. As Qcmbr said this is now illegal in the UK.

    Doubtfully Yours I have never read a post on this site that more clearly demonstrated a person’s total subjugation by the borg.

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    It is quite a challenge for most adults to sit through even two hours of a boring, mind-numbing JW meeting; listening to a succession of badly-educated speakers, delivering by monotone the same spiel we have heard already - one zillion times before!

    To expect a small child to sit quietly through the same is whatever is worse than ridiculous;

    - do these idiots not realize that children have a short attention span at the best of times?

    - and furthermore, when it comes to matters of which they haven't a clue (e.g. the subjects covered at most JW meetings), a child's attention span is practically non existent.

    No wonder two thirds of the JW children give the religion away as soon as they can - the miracle is that even one third remain with the cult.

    Full marks to those other churches that provide seperate activities for children:

    - activites that are geared for their level of development, and consequently capture the child's interest.

    - which at the end of the day, results in a child actually coming home having learned something positive.

    (Contrast that with the experience of a typical JW child:

    - unlikely to retain anything positive from attending a meeting at the kingdom hell hall.

    - quite likely, though, to come home sporting bruises or other marks from corporal punishment!)

    While I am no fan of the Church of Latter Day Saints (Mormons) either, at least their retention rate makes that of the JWs look stupid by comparison.

    All this is evidently too much for the old fossils of the Governing Body to comprehend:

    - it is disappointing, though, that JW parents don't wake up to themselves over this matter; as they at least are in a position to make a choice.


    PS: I cannot thank my father enough for resisting the pressure from his JW parents, to bring us three children up as JWs. Yuk!

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