Family Reunion this Summer and the delima that goes with it.......

by confuzzled777 13 Replies latest jw friends

  • jamiebowers

    None of the jws in my family come to the family reunions, because I and a few of my other df'd cousins would be there. That arrangement makes everyone happy.

  • confuzzled777

    THANKS SOOOO MUCH GUYS!! You should see the smile on my face right now......a good smile! You know that kind of smile that you smile when someone touches your heart.....That is it!

    I WILL go and hold my head up HIGH and be proud of who I am. You are all is THEIR issue on whether or not to talk to me, not mine.

    Mamalove, we play Squeak. It get's CRAZY too...... Sounds like your dice game would be great fun as well! I will google it and send it to my cousins for something else to play. Thanks for the suggestion!! Might be something that those who don't get in on the action of Squeak could play too.

    Thanks again for the listening ear and the shoulder to cry on.......

  • Joliette

    I'm facing a similar situation also. We have a family reunion this summer and I really dont know if I want to go, cause my auntie is disfellowshipped. It makes me really angry cause she got baptized when she was 12 and she didnt know what she was doing. She did cheat on her JW's husband, and I know she made a mistake, but that doesnt mean that her family should cut her off. It makes me extremely angry. I know my mom wants me to go but I'm starting to lose my desire cause my favorite aunt wont be there.

  • Joliette

    Oh-I was gonna add: Thats between her, her ex husband, and Jehovah. It has NOTHING to do with us!

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