Tell us about your practical jokes and pranks and leg pulling

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  • aligot ripounsous
    aligot ripounsous

    About ten days ago, I bought a deep frozen frangipane pastry (including a hidden charm), which we customarily have overhere to celebrate Epiphany (visit of the three kings to baby Jesus). Mum wasn't at home and Son set out to put it carefully in the oven, then he went up into his room. When the pastry was nice and crispy, Daughter and I had a portion of it without telling Son, left a very small portion in the oven and hid the rest of it. when Son came down, his mouth watering in expectation, he couldn't believe his eyes at seing what was left of the pastry, all the more so when I told him Mom would certainly love to have a share too. He stewed in his wild anger for a minute before we showed him the main part of the pastry.

  • mamalove

    We have "punked" people's offices at work before. Made dummies and put them sitting at their desks. Moved stuff around. Taken entire desks out, but put each item neatly on the floor as if the desk was still there. Hidden silly things in the drawers. We put a used pair of panty hose we found in the bathroom in my next door neighbors desk. She freaked out.

    Just little pranks like that in the office. Those are pretty fun.

  • FlyingHighNow

    That sounds cool. A charm inside. You stinkers.

    My first husband I were staying with my sister one time. I was doing laundry. My husband liked wearing pocket t-shirts and had several colors. I was folding clothes when I came across one of my nephew's tiny light blue pocket-t shirts. It looked just like my husband's shirt. So I took it to my husband and said, "Look, I am so sorry, but my sister's dryer shrunk your shirt." He said, "Ohhhhhhhh no. Man. That was one of my favorite shirts, too!" Then he stopped and said, "Wait a minute. That is one of them little kids' shirts. "And we both started laughing. I can be sooo "mean."

  • FlyingHighNow

    Mama, that sounds like a lot of fun, the desk thing especially.

  • aligot ripounsous
    aligot ripounsous

    I see if I can find more of them later, must go to bed now (2 a.m). Good night ya'll.

  • FlyingHighNow

    My daughter, undaunted by the threats of the evil bastard god Jehovah, ended up pregnant at 17. The boy's family stepped in and refused to let him have anything to do with my daughter. They would not even let him speak to her. And they threatened my daughter and me in public with physical harm. My daughter was heartbroken as she and this boy had meant so much to each other. He wooed her for months before she gave in and went out with him.

    We were given a copy of a free baby/mother magazine that had a double card to fill in to get a free year's worth of the mag that would arrive each month by mail. The cards said to fill out one for yourself and one for a friend. Sooooo, we filled out one for the baby's daddy. Lo and behold, the other parents had their son break his silence to call and whine about the magazines, free samples and diaper coupons that were arriving nearly daily. We pretended not to know what the heck they were talking about. The boy's father wanted us to call the post office and stop the magazines and other things. We told the boy his daddy needed to handle it. We got off the phone and laughed until we cried.

  • FlyingHighNow

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    bring them on

  • Gregor

    Years ago when we used actual drafting boards, with vellum paper and mechanical pencils it occured to me how much gum erasers made little black rolls that looked exactly like mouse turds. I began leaving one or two in and around the desks of the front office ladies who all had snack stashes in their desks. It only took a few day before they raised a cry for an exterminator and the snacks went into Tupperware.

  • ziddina


    This is a GOOD thread!!!

    My brother, when he was 12 or so, thought he was a "GREAT" mechanic. He was working on the lawnmower one day, maybe filling the tank, but for some reason he had about a cup of gasoline left over when he finished doing whatever the heck it was that he was doing with it...

    Sooooo.... Bright boy that he was.... He poured the gasoline out on our nice green back yard... I, of course, told him that the gasoline would kill the grass...

    BUT!! He thought that he'd come up with a BRILLIANT solution!!!

    He'd LIGHT THE GASOLINE ON FIRE... The gasoline would burn off - in theory - and there'd be "no" damage to the grass...

    Ha, ha, ha...

    I heard my brother make some funny noise out in the back yard (I was around 17 at the time) and went out to investigate...

    Weirdest thing I ever saw... Bright orange gasoline flames burning above the brightest, greenest bit of lawn in our back yard...

    I can't remember when the grass did finally grow back in that spot...


  • FlyingHighNow

    That's funny Zid. Gregor, that's cute. I remember someone making boogers with the adhesive that sticks paper ads to the reader digest and wiping them on people, I think it was my friend Faith that did that. I have to work this morning and that is no joke.

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