Seven Reasons Why Jehovah's Witnesses Are Leaving Their Religion.

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  • LongHairGal

    SAPERE AUDE: I tend to agree with you about people who leave JWs and get involved with another belief system are just as delusional as when they were JWs. I am sick of religion. The high-control, intrusive bullshit of the witnesses is something that would not be tolerated by me. I wasn't having any of it and ditto for anybody making divine claims about themselves. Sorry but I have NO tolerance for any of it.

  • nugget

    DY you must ask yourself if the witnesses live in a spiritual paradise as they claim, why do so many fall victim to vices? The organisation is not morally superior to other religions. Where is the support and loving concern for those who are struggling? Every time someone falls short it is made clear it is their failure. You only put weakness at the top of your list because the society tells you that most people are disfellowshipped for immorality. I wouldn't believe a word they say. If they were to highlight how many people are cast out for disagreeing with the society then it may lead to questions.

    Also do not underestimate the number of people disgusted by the control and deceit in the congregations.

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    I came into "The Truth" because to me, all religion seemed to be just a lot of hocus-pocus (to put it in polite language!):

    - However, the JWs appealed, because they appeared to be different; at least as compared with the mainstream churches.

    28 years down the track, the penny finally dropped that the JWs were just another religion - and that these are all the bloody same, no matter who they are!

    The disappointment was all the more intense in that I had actually expected far more from the Witlesses - having once swallowed their propaganda totally.

    And yes, I did hit the bottle rather hard for a time after leaving; until discovering other, non-harmful ways of coping with the distress (not that alcohol abuse is restricted to non-JWs; far from it!).

    I am well aware of the official WTs line, that all who give "The Truth" away do so only so they can get drunk, do drugs, womanize etc. etc. etc. Like so much else of the official WTs line, that, too, is total nonsense (Expletive Deleted!).


  • JustHuman14

    Many leave because WT is so tight. Don't do this, don't go there, don't, don't, don't. For me it was the failed prophesy of the Generation. I quit school during the mid 80's to become pioneer and save the world, because the generation wouldn't pass. Unfortunately for me and many like me are paying the price for following a false prophet

  • SirNose586

    The problems with the doctrine opened my eyes, but ultimately, it came down to a return on investment (ROI). I'd given time, energy, and made sacrifices for the org, like everyone else, but I didn't get the return I'd wanted.

    When the org said, "Reach out for privileges. Do more for the org," I did. I became an MS, and the congregation respected me a bit more for a year. But my peers saw me as someone they had to be careful around; I could never quite click with the cliques, because they saw me as a potential rat. When I finally was able to step down, that nice feeling of respect from the congregation evaporated. Bad investment.

    When the org said, "Young people, stay out of trouble," I did. I still got burned for playing video games. Bad investment.

    When the org said, "Don't have premarital sex, and only date to marry," I followed the former statement, and couldn't even get the latter one going. Yet, I still remember being asked if masturbation was a problem before I was appointed as an MS, to which I said no. It wasn't a problem. You do it when needed, then you move on. But how else are you going to keep your sanity when you follow the first directive? It was a sorry position to be in. And it stung even further because my friends didn't give a crap about following the directions, and every so often they'd remind me of how much more adult they were because of their experience. Bad investment. Still stings in some regards.

    When the org said, "Don't go to traditional college, just stick with community college or vocational schools," I believed them. I wasted many years trying to please the local P.O. by sticking with auto classes. Ultimately it's not what I wanted. Had I done it the right way, by now I could have had an undergrad in something. I'm fixing it now. But the investment was still very bad.

    When the org said, "Don't have non-JW friends," here is where I didn't follow their advice to the letter. My old JW acquaintances have nothing to do with me these days. After shunning them for a bit, I got back in touch with my HS buddies. It's touched off into other friendships and opportunities to meet people that I can still use. Good investment!

    If you're not getting what you invested out of the org, pull your resources and go. That's the smartest course of action.

  • FirstLastName

    Regarding the comment by DY - I did not do drugs as a JW nor as an exJW, I did however drink a lot more when I was JW to mask the difficulties of an abusive JW ex husband. I am , by ALL accounts, a healthier, happier, better educated, kinder and more relaxed than I EVER was as JW.

  • punkofnice

    If you're asking me to 'testify' then it goes like this (Short version).

    I was 'born in' so was taught to believe it and did until I became an elder. Then, long story short, I saw how it was all about power and cash for the leaders with lots of 'mystical manipulation' thrown in.

    I read CCMC - Steven to chapter 4 and deprogrammed quicker than a corrupt statement from a bent copper's lips!

  • wobble

    Hey .....571, when can I get the DVD version of this mythical war between the mythical characters God and Satan ?

  • bohm

    Jehovah's witnesses conjure as one might say, the ultimate Warlord of Heaven and Earth into this battle, and his Holy King of Wars Annihilation and Eradication, THE Prince of Peace. Jesus Christ is his name, and he is the Christened Leader of God's Kingdom, and the executioner of the UN warlords who WILL gather and rise against him.

    The more randomly capatalized words a person use to describe his religous beliefs, the more crazy they tend to be.

  • punkofnice

    Hey, 20571 is this a sarcastic joke or are you a JW TROLL = Why do 500-1000 people a day, become Jehovah's witnesses?

    Madness? Desperate for friends? Vulnerable and in need of some form of delusional hope?

    Who says this wide range of figures is accurate? What proof do you have? How many are 'born ins' of these alleged figures?

    How many 'studies' have you 'brought into the organization' to help this figure, that weren't 'born ins'?

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