The Great Day Of Jehovah is Near!!

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    You can go to my earlier posts and read and compare .

    I am still using the dates 607 BC, 587 BC, 537 BC .

    I had 29 AD - 33 AD - 36 AD and 1984 AD-1988 AD - 1991 AD and I am still using them .

    I still can use August 11 ,1999 and January 21,2000 when solar and lunar eclipses took place as signs of the end .

    12 years can mean 12 stars falling down from heaven .

    In the year 2000 AD in the fall first star falling ( one year passed ) .

    In the year 2011 AD in the fall the 12th star will fall ( the last year shall have ended ).

    I use the year 1914 AD ,1942 AD ,1884 AD ,1879 AD .

    I was predicting the year 2004 AD and I am still using that date .


  • mrsjones5


    You can use any random date you want Obves and make any prediction you want (over and over as your last 9 years of posts proves out) that don't make the dates true. I think you do this over and over on the chance that one day, one much hoped for day, you'll be right. Ain't ever going to happen. You're just making yourself look hopeless desparate.

    But I know my words will be just

  • DagothUr

    He's a lean, mean prediction-machine! His life will and one day and his predictions will die with him. And Jesus will never come on the clouds. What a waste of a perfect mental insanity!


    Jehovah wants everyone to Grate something..On Jehovah`s Grate Day..

    "I`ve decided to Grate Cheese"

    Jehovah loves Grated Cheese..

    It`s in the Bible..

    ............................ ...OUTLAW

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    You're full of it OBVES

  • saltyoldlady

    Dear Wannabe - Have sent you a private memo. I enjoyed your first contribution on this thread and would like to discuss the subject with you in seriousness and depth without all the exposure to mockery and humorous jibes and quips of our dear friends. Salty

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