Do you still know your bible?

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  • Newborn

    I used to pioneer and all that and new the bible well and could cite scriptures backwards and forwards...(I regret I didn't have any other skills to brag abt)

    Today I hardly recall any scriptures...(except for Matt 24:14 that may never go away though ) but that's it!

    Since I left I haven't opened a bible ones. And to me it's a relief but at the same time a bit strange. I've forgotten it very quickly!


  • aquagirl

    Yes,I still remember it frontwards and backwards.

  • cameo-d

    The Bible is a Masonic Book.

    Every word in it must be approved by the Pope.

    Every translation must be approved by the Pope.

    The Pope claims to be the mouthpiece of God.

    Therefore, the WT must be taking direction from the Pope as well.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I do great with Bible trivia when I watch Jeopardy. But otherwise, I am done with the book and I mostly read nonfiction instead.

  • tec

    I remember what was said, and who said it (not what book its in, but who actually said it)... not so good with the chapters/verses - but that's what google is for, isn't it?

    But then, I always thought what was being said was far more important than having the chapter/verse/ even the book memorized.


  • Ding


    I bet if you got in a doctrinal discussion you could still come up with the proof-texts.

    For example, if someone asked you why JWs don't believe people have a soul that survives death you'd come up with Ecc. 9:5 and Eze. 18:4 without thinking.

  • Think About It
    Think About It
    Today I hardly recall any scriptures...

    That is me. I'm actually amazed at how little I remember after all the hours & hours & hours of personal study I put into it along with all the WTS arranged meetings & studies. I had my own personal reference Bible from my studies & notations in the margins. Now, I can only remember some of it. Of course when I left, I never went back again, read any WTS literature again, or cracked open a bible, and that's been over 15 years now.

    Think About It

  • designs

    Absolutely, better than ever. I would recommend people interested in the NT and Christianity read and reread the NT until the social and religious prejudices, hubris, and destructive emotional and psychological schema can be clearly recognized. JWs and Evangelicals, Catholics, Orthodox, and Protestants all drew their bizarre beliefs and practices from this Well.

    Can you recognize them, try the ever popular John 3:16 on and diagram what it is really saying about you, human civilization, independence, your well being, existentialism and self worth, and your future.

  • wobble

    I still recall a lot of the words, I too never was good at remembering Chap and V.

    I now know much more about what it actually says as opposed to the WT weird interpretations. I know as well that it is not the word of god, but is just the writings of men.

    It was my main study when I was in the cult, I have a library of commentaries, I did what Designs says above when I left, and now I only refer to it, or recall any of it, for use on here.

  • SlipnSlide

    I still know where to locate the chapters/verses when needed. I think I still know about 5 scriptures by heart because I don't read it like I used to.

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