David from Ozzie and Harriet passes away -- ties to JW's?

by FatFreek 2005 20 Replies latest social entertainment

  • TMS

    Yes, Johnnytwofeet. As you state, it was a typical farkelesque beatdown. Why Johnny do I not feel thoroughly crushed, humiliated? Because, Johnny, you and your mentor illustrate the point of my last thread, the role of positive reinforcement in continued participation in this forum.

    The small-minded man you admire searched my infrequent posts of the last ten years and revelled in the comparatively small number of responses. If you check to see how long since his last post you get an idea of the work he put into his last response. Johnny, set your watch for 10 or 20 years from now and reread his response and see if you're still impressed.

    Johnny, have you ever heard older folks talk about a "pissing match"? Scroll up and reread the post just above yours and notice the emphasis on numbers, recognition, page views, etc. That's how some people "measure" themselves. It's sad, really. When the environment is not as nurturing as they want, they run.

    Johnny, just a line or two from a man who used to be known as Cat Stevens:

    "but if you want to leave take good care,
    hope you make a lot of nice friends out there,
    but just remember there's a lot of bad and beware,


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