Don't know how to leave: FADE or DA letter?

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    I am reading your posts-good ideas! I realise that if i started writing a letter I would end up making a huge one, mainly because I am just so angry at what the religion did my my relationship with my mother-who shunned me for my entire adult life until she needed me to take care of her terminal illness (nice). The religion also broke up my parent's marriage, because she thought she would be so much happier if she married a JW. She managed to leave my dad and marry a JW without any consequence from the borg.

    This how she did it: just leave your hubby saying that you are going to take care of your mum (who had leukemia) overseas, after a month call your kids (I was 20 then and the eldest) and tell them you are not coming back. Tell your hubby he can keep is real estate cause you are about to get an inheritance from your dying mum. Your hubby figures out you are gone for good so after a few months he finds a girlfriend. After about 6 months RETURN to the country and accuse your husband of adultery. Get otherJ Ws to try to spy on him and go tell all about it to the good old elders. They will say you can divorce. Marry the first JW that looks at you with some interest. Have a miserable married life with him (as he exploits his authority and only lets you go out if you are witnessing) and together shun your three children. She thought she had made a good move but later admitted she would have preferred to stay married to my dad....miserable! Then she blamed ME for the REST OF MY LIFE for not being able to get back to my dad because I had made it clear to him that she was gone when she was overseas, so its my fault that he got a girlfriend.

    About the blood directive: I still have it in mint condition as I never filled it!! I had kept it since Feb last year and every time I looked at it to start filling it, it was SO confusing that I keep on tossing it for later. It is so silly that they say you can see your GP to get informed so you can put ticks in the boxes that you have are approved by Jehovah. But what if you tick the wrong boxes? You know that WTS won't sanction you over the fractions, but you cannot jsut green light them without feeling a pain in your conscience. So what ever you do you feel guilty and carry that load on your own, dreading the day you will have to give your account to JHWH personally. You can't win. So I hadn't filled it yet or talked to my doctor, Phew!!

    When you have kids you would have to be darned sure before you fill in one of those! Its pretty selfish to want to die to look good for God and live on paradise and leave your kids to fend for themselves.

    So as you can imagine I would get pretty worn -out with a letter , because I have SO much to say, that I had better leave that idea for now, or it will consume me.

    @Black sheep: yep I have the 2009 Watchtower Index thanks, i will look into it though i have read about the miscalculation of sites like JWfacts or the SixScreens so I am on track. Isn't it funny that if they thought that Jesus had chosen the WTS in 1918, when they had no ban on blood, had Xmas, and used the cross, and believed that the great crowd was in heaven, why can't these practices/doctrines acceptable now, if they "were to Jesus" then?? It just gets me.

    Kakite ano

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    @ Maksym

    Thanks for signing up especially for giving me feedback. And welcome! I totally agree with you hey these men (the WTS) have no business putting people in pigeon holes , which stigmatize them into categories such as DF, DA, inactive, etc. So I am following your advice, won't give them the pleasure of putting me into one and will just remain disappeared. When I asked FADE or DA i guess I meant disappear or DA, as or course i won't go to the trouble of fading when I have no family in the borg any more to keep in good terms with. So thanks again. And al the best with your Christian live!

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    I like this metaphor from an Anonymous mum <a href=""> Anonymous mum on

    This short story illustrates how I feel having been a Witness. I feel I've been in a very long child's game of "Follow the Leader." The game starts out as a great adventure. We're led through all sorts of twists and turns, jumping through hoops and over rocks. It's fun playing with the other kids. We're led through scratchy bushes and muddy puddles. Some are falling down and getting cut on the rocks we're climbing over. When one little kid way back in the line quietly asks a question, "Where are you taking us? Some are getting hurt!", he's hit on the head by the guy in front of him. The leader yells back, "I'm smarter than you. I know where we're going. Just keep playing the game and follow me." Eventually the little kid figures out the leader is just another kid like himself. He gets tired of being hurt. The game isn't fun anymore. So he decides to play by himself or find other kids with which to play. When he stops playing "Follow the Leader" a few rude kids yell back, "We won't play with you anymore. You're not our friend."

    (Excuse me if the link doesn't work, I am trying to learn how to make so a link to a website so I am testing on this blog )

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