People can be so mean, nasty and insulting on internet forums!

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  • Terry

    Lonely people whose lives are truly empty and who are circling the drain of personal oblivion crave ACKNOWLEDGEMENT that they possess any power at all to gain the notice of others.

    Their failure to be personable and engaging leaves them in a poisonous and prickly state of mind.

    It is far easier for them to snarl invective and bask in the attention as they feed on the negative energy as an empowerment.

    Really, simply ignoring them pricks their fragile bubble of provocative infamy quite efficiently!

    Try it.

  • betterdaze

    R&R, not an excuse, but maybe an explanation:

    Is it possible the nasty remarks you received were from the resentful business owner and/or their friends/family? Some online review sites are actively "trolled" by paying advertisers whose reputations are at stake.

    Worse, some "reviewers" will post fake negative experiences to disparage rival businesses. Not that you were doing that, it's just a sad reality in today's economic climate, and the Internet gives voice to all sorts of crappy characters.

    When I first moved here and didn't know a soul yet, I found online reviews for stuff like restaurants, hair salons and dry cleaners could be dicey owing to both scenarios.




    You are absolutely right!

    Some internet sites are known to have owners/friends/family write positive and raving reviews and post negative experiences on competing businesses. Sometimes a business will have a professional writer write a review. Those are easy to spot.

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