People can be so mean, nasty and insulting on internet forums!

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  • shamus100

    ** vomits ** :D :D :D

  • brotherdan

    That was your best post to date Stephen!!!! Take that Shamus!!! Or should I say....Seamus.

  • shamus100

    ** vomits on Brother dan, tears his face off ** :D :D :D

  • jay88

    "Now Friends, Can we thanks Bro. Shamus 100--- for is demonstration on how nasty forums can get".

  • shamus100

    You peed on me first! :*( I'M TELLING SIMON!!!!

  • Finally-Free

    Why are food portions getting smaller while prices increase?

    It's not a new practice. I remember feeling outrage many years ago when Juicy Fruit gum started giving us 7 sticks of gum instead of the previous 8 for the same price. I quit chewing gum in protest.

    Here at work the cafeteria recently raised their already inflated prices 5% and downsized portions at the same time. (this at a time when our pathetic salaries have been given a 2 year freeze) I always laugh when I see the second checkout always closed now, because people have, for the most part, started going elsewhere or are bringing lunch from home. I bring my lunch from home now, and I now have a coffeemaker in my office. (My coffee is much better than theirs, and a fraction of the price)

    No, R&R, it has nothing to do with you having an increased capacity. It's all about gouging consumers.




    I thought that most forums were set up for the exchanging of ideas. What people wrote on Yelp didn't bother me! I'm not fat or anywhere close. It's the insult of someone hiding behind a keyboard that makes me mad because he/she would never say that to my face.

    I'm happy to see that we have posting guidelines on JWN. It states : please avoid insulting,threatening or provoking language.


    When posting on a website, there is sometimes a tendency to forget that behind the avatars are real people with real feelings. I have made this mistake myself and felt regret. Taking a swipe at someone in an attempt to release our own frustrations, seldom works. Treating others as we want to be treated, is always a good aim.

    I used to post on this site under my real name and found myself more sensitive to the slings and arrows of abusive posters. Hiding behind a gladiator avatar is more comfortable but has its downside.

    Shamus - pee on your straw. That's what it's for!

  • shamus100

    I prefer to pee on people. ;D

    I don't get too involved anymore in flame wars - just make fun of people that get their fur all riled up over nothing. Life is about being positive, and being positive, not overly sensitive, serious... If you can't laugh, life is pretty boring.

    Thus, kiss the monkey. ;)

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    You can all bite me.

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