Tried to end my "bible" study, ended up agreeing to go to the Kingdom Hall instead!!!

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  • mouthy

    So your going for a "LOVE BOMB" are you?

    If I was there I would "catch" you.I was known for Trapping all newcomers.
    Elders used to point me in their direction. hey!! but I made
    followers of Grace"So may be there is a few who took lessons from me

    Good Luck! OOPS I mean GOOD FORTUNE not aloud to say GOOD LUCK

  • bohm

    Kristi: Haha! -- i should have known i didnt get an original idea!. The witness who are seeing you are indeed unusual, i feel bad for her since she sound so sincere, she must get a lot of negativity from other who are less nice than you.

    I would then just suggest you refer back to your earlier conversation, the example with the salon is excellent. But i would recommend you to print out the material, that she has it handed to her physically and you know whats in it will do three things:

    • it will likely put her in direct conflict between what she can do according to her faith (she cant take it) and what "makes sence/socially acceptable" (accepting what you offer her). This might be the kind of thing that cause her to wake up later on.
    • It prevent her from saying that she researched things on the net and didnt find anything. If she actually do google stuff on the net, she will most likely find the crazies, crappist site of anti-WT slur written by a baptist on LSD, check for herself one of the scriptures the baptist use is on the CD, and not think any more of it.
    • if she search stuff on the net, you know whats in it and can control it. You can ask pointy questions: "Is it true there are no scholars outside jehovahs witness who support 607BC as the fall of jerusalem?". "Is it true the witness taught X,Y,Z while jesus supposedly inspected them in 1914-1918"?

    furthermore it give her an option to go out of the study nicely.. she can just descline what you offer her and you can agree to end the study on good terms. poor soul.

    while the suggestion with oral sex certainly has its merrits, if your husband figure out that witness think oral sex between married couples are okay, he might think you tried to cheat him! ;-).

    So in my effort to end my study I somehow ended up agreeing to go to the Kingdom Hall......KristyKay

    2 hours of your Life,your Never going to Get Back..

    "Jehovah..Jehovah..Armageddon!..Do more!".. "Jehovah..Satan..Jehovah..Just Don`t!..Jehovah"... Your going to Love being a Jehovah`s Witness.. We provide Free Labour for the Watchtower.. And.. Talk about Jehovah!.. Never Question the Watchtower.. "Your Disfellowshiped!".. ........................ ...OUTLAW

  • garyneal
    I don't want to make her have doubts in her religion, but she is so persistant! Anyways isn't that what she is trying to do to me?

    BINGO! That's exactly what they did to me. If you are not interested in becoming a Jehovah's Witness and you have no family ties to the religion, the best thing for you to do is walk away. Sad thing is, they are not interested in hearing anything bad about their religion and they always have a counter response. Why do you think they publish that Reasoning book?

    You can try to plant seeds with her if you want but she is going to have to wake up in her own time (if ever).

    YKNOT: You devil you. That would be excellent and frankly I would be inclined to try it myself. On the one hand, I do not want to disrespect my wife's religion but on the other hand this kind of thing would give sincere people pause. I'll file this for now and take it out should I find myself in a situation that warrants it.

  • Ding

    Just say, "No!"

    And stick to it.

    If they don't like you, so what?

    That's THEIR problem, not yours.

  • Heaven

    Holy Cow... what can I say except ... OUTLAW, this says it ALL! I'm killin' myself laughin' here.!

    "Jehovah..Jehovah..Armageddon!..Do more!"..

    "Jehovah..Satan..Jehovah..Just Don`t!..Jehovah"...

  • wasblind

    " Why do you think they publish that Reasoning book? "

    I understand what your sayin' Gary, but just like everything else they publish

    it turns against them and make them look foolish

  • Leolaia

    bohm...That earlier post was a beauty to read. You should save it and repurpose it in a later thread on how a Bible study may want to respond in a similar situation.

  • sd-7

    As someone who was raised in this religion, it took an enormous amount of man hours and brain power to get to the bottom of what was going on with the JWs. They would tell you that I'm just acting like Satan or influenced by him if I tell you to avoid them. I'm telling you that I already know what they're going to tell you before they tell you. The aforementioned statement is a little like trapping a piece in a chess game--clever maneuver to restrict your thinking abilities.

    Do not underestimate these people. They don't understand just how powerful their methods are, but they will use them against you. If you attend the Kingdom Hall, which is your decision to make though I would recommend otherwise, at least take a non-JW with you. Don't go by yourself. Don't let them isolate you.

    If you already know what you know about them, there is no reason to attend. I'm attending tonight in support of my JW wife, but I do not and cannot ever believe their doctrine. And I loved it all, from start to finish I loved this religion. The heartbreak of finding out it was an illusion is something that you don't have to fear right now. You can be objective, critical and make a sound, informed decision.

    For your sake, don't involve yourself with these people anymore. Better yet, get a copy of 'Crisis of Conscience' and bring it with you to the Kingdom Hall. Their reaction will be a YouTube classic if only you could record it. But...short of going there to cause trouble, there's no reason to go down this road. I am living its end result. You do not want to be in my shoes. Trust me. If you value your freedom, make sure these people don't get into your head. Feel free to send me a PM if there's anything I can do to help.


  • carla

    If you are having difficulties telling her no then make a deal with her. Tell her you will go to a kh if she will go to a church with you first. That will be the end of all of it. She will never agree to it because jw's believe that to go to a church will hurt jah's feelings, or so my jw says. Be firm! A church first! otherwise they renig on any deals they make.

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