JW MIL having surgery - Elders there are the "blood nazis"

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  • Robert7

    Thanks everyone for your kind words. I just hate how the JWs make such an issue of blood. Took such a focus, plus added so much more unnecessary stress.

  • Little Imp
    Little Imp

    My daughter is a specialist childrens' nurse and in her experience JW parents have in every incidence in which she has been involved have said give the transfusion just don't tell us.

    No parent would want their child to die to gain their own salvation.

    Glad MIL has made full recovery without the need so much better if you can.


    One should always start off being polite, OUTLAW, before he ups the ante.....Lion Cask

    How many JW lives have been Needlessly Sacrificed for the WBT$ God?..It`s been going on for decades..

    Is there a polite way to point out..

    The WBT$ is a Backwards,Superstitious Cult,that will Sacrifice your Family to their God?..

    That WBT$ JW Elders will do everything in their Power..To make sure your family member Dies for WBT$ Rules,that may Change Tommorow?..

    It`s Pointless to put a Pretty Ribbon on WBT$ Insanity..

    So I don`t bother..

    .......................... ...OUTLAW

  • CuriousButterfly

    If your mother does not know then men, they are more than likely from the HLC (hospital liaison committee). When a patient is admitted if they state they are a JW the HLC checks the list of patients who are JWs and visits them.

  • whataburger

    Clarification - the "Brothers" do not know for sure a transfusion occured. Consider it, "Don't Ask, Don't Tell".

    People can put two and two together, which I am sure they are at least suspicious. I could care less if they DF'd me, but my mother is elderly and her and my Dad need a faith to cling on to - and that crazy feeling you get when you let go and believe can be powerful and comforting.

    However, if they ask too many questions - or ask for a meeting of some sort, a lawyer will be present. And I have read the new book, and I know what events that will trigger. If at all else, I will tell my mother to lie - and that she will actually be lying to protect them, because it is them that need to lie.

    It must be tough to be an Elder and instruct people to watch their loved ones die.

    Not me, I choose life.

    Don't get me wrong, I love so much about that faith, and the people in it. But then there are the people I don't care for, much. A few posts back someone claimed that being a witness hones your "people reading skills". I can attest to that. I can read people quick, especially in person. Something about my personality makes them back off and leave me alone, even though I am a nice guy. Like I said, some people think I am crazy, others know I am. But I am a functional crazy, left in shambles after realizing that everything I ever thought was true, was not. It only took Wikipedia to bring me to the surface, Wikipedia and my own ability to reason and investigate. And the realization that I could not trust these elders to tell me the right thing, caused me to pay attention to the slightest twitch, the glance away. It's like a drug addict once told me, never trust a junkie. The truth is their drug, and if they ever completely wake up then they have to face the fact that it was all a lie, every since Rutherford put his personal agenda on our heads. These elders have lied to themselves, to us, to their families. AND THEY DO NOT WANT TO WAKE UP.

    1914 was real to me. I still, to this day, cannot get that concept out of my mind. I can still hear the elder's wives with their heartfelt, yet scripted answers to the Watchtower questions - "And we know that before the generation that saw 1914 passes, this system of things will end..." It played out over and over, in hall after all - we all counted the years like bean counters. How could it be 1993? 1994? And how somber was New Years Day, 1995?

    About as somber as 2011.

    I hold out for the best, that our organization will change and adapt and grow strong again on the backs of the great people who will flock back and forgive - just stop the lies. Let's acknowledge we were wrong, we were duped. CT Russell never claimed to be inspired by God, he just liked the words in the Bible.

    So why do we think these men in Brooklyn (or wherever) are insipired.

    Questions make the walls fall down.

    Questions, like, what do you mean insipired?

    Do you mean trance like meditation with sudden clarity? Autonomous writing? Smoking peyote? Or is the Holy Spirit part of the qourum, bringing wisdom with the reading of the minutes as an unseen force that guides their thoughts. To me, any of that would be a miracle, and we don't have miracles anymore, do we?

    Don't get me started, I have so many stories.

    It's all been an explotation.

    But at least the girls were nice.


  • EmptyInside

    I'm glad your mother came through the surgery well,and that,blood was not an issue.

    My mother is having surgery soon,and she is getting all her paperwork in order,making sure she receives no blood. There is going to be a lot Witnesses in the waiting room too.

  • brotherdan

    I am so happy that you didn't have to deal with the blood issue. What a relief! How sad that if you stepped in to save her life, you would break her heart...

    It's sad that they view blood as more sacred than the life it actually represents. :-(

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Hi Robert,

    I hope all goes well for your MIL and that you and other posters find the info in the following link helpful.



  • Scully

    If all the JWs around the world who died for lack of necessary blood transfusions were brought together and counted, I truly believe the picture would be far, far more offensive than this one:

    Instead, the WTS decides to dress it up and put fake smiles on it, and comes up with this wretched and disgusting "Mr. Clean" format:

    Youths Who Put God First

  • jamiebowers

    I'm glad things turned out okay, but I want to share something with you. Seven weeks ago my husband went into full cardiac arrest. He was dead during the five minutes that a family friend and I performed CPR. I still can't get that sight out of my head or stop being shaken by the desperation, fear, and grief I felt as he layed lifeless on the floor. During those five mnutes I would've given anything for his survival, including my own life, if given the option.

    I was lucky that emergency responders were able to revive him. I am more grateful than words can express that my dear husband is still on this planet. If you're ever in a position to save your mother's life with a blood transfusion, do it, no matter what the cost. She may hate you for a while, but death is more final than hatred.

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