JW MIL having surgery - Elders there are the "blood nazis"

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  • Robert7

    So my JW Mother-in-law is having some rather major abdominal surgery today. Given the type of surgery, there is a chance that the blood issue may come up, where in worst case if there's a loss of blood she may need a transfusion.

    So in the waiting room for the entire 3 1/2 hour surgery are two elders. These guys don't know my MIL that well, and they are not there to support her... when it comes down to it:

    - They are there to ensure my MIL will die, if she needs a blood transfusion to live

    - They are there to ensure my kids will not have a grandma, if she needs a blood transfusion to live

    - They are there to ensure my MIL will not see her grandkids graduate, get married, etc, if she needs a blood transfusion to live

    This is disgusting and makes me sick to even think about it....

  • Robert7

    On top of that, they are sitting in the lobby in suits (who wears a suit to the hospital waiting room, let alone 2 guys), sticking out like a sore thumb, and reading their bibles for the full 3 1/2 hours. All for show. All I see is cult! cult! cult!

    And to add insult to injury, my MIL was never informed they would be there. So they just show up so they can ensure she dies in the event she needs a transfusion to live.

  • blondie

    ?Did your MIL ask for some elders to be present to support her on the blood issues? ?Are they part of the Hospital Liaison Committee (HLC)?

    Did she fill out and file a Healthcare Proxy outlining her wishes in writing?

    Besides the elders, are there any jw family present? If so, why are the elders necessary? Anything jw family says, especially the persons who signed the proxy as the representatives have more say than the elders.

    There was a time I was a true believer and thought that dying for my beliefs was a good thing, that God would resurrect me. There are still some beliefs I would risk my life for, not this one though.

  • Robert7

    She didn't ask for the elders... they just showed up.

    She does have a blood POA that does outline her wishes including avoiding a blood transfusion.

    Fortunately she only has 1 daughter, my wife, who is no longer a JW. She has a POA for everything non-blood related.

    So the elders are there to ensure the blood transfusion wishes are followed, and that my wife, god forbid, tries to save her life.

  • Lion Cask
    Lion Cask

    Have you considered politely asking them what they're doing there and then asking them to leave? In your place I would be making it uncomfortable for them, asking them pointed questions about the blood policy, like the number of people who died needlessly before the changes that were effected in 2000, like the dead kids on the cover of the May 22, 1994 Awake! magazine.

  • sir82

    Your statement is a bit confusing - how can one person have POA over "non-blood issues" and someone else have POA over blood issues? Does she have 2 POAs? That seems unlikely - one could very well be in conflict with the other and thus both would be null.

    I would guess that your wife's POA really covers everything.

    If your wife has POA then the elders are completely aqnd utterly powerless.

    If your MIL is conscious, she will tell the doctors directly her wishes.

    If your MIL is unconscious, your wife has 100% control. The doctors will follow her orders exclusively.

    The elders can't do anything. If your MIL is wavering on the blood issue, she can ask them to leave. HIPAA regulations will prevent the elders from knowing her treatment, and she is under no obligation to say anything to them.

  • man in black
    man in black

    Has your wife spoken to these guys informing them who she is, and why are they sitting there, who called them in the first place ?

    Perhaps if the elders realize that your MIL has other family members at the hospital who do not approve of their teachings, and are ready to stand up for the long term health of your MIL they might just buckle under the pressure and lay low, leave or heaven forbid call in reinforcements.

    Good luck today, and I hope that things work out well for you, your wife, and MIL.

    Have you considered politely asking them what they're doing there and then asking them to leave.....Lion Cask

    JW Elders don`t care..They are on a Holy Mission..

    The WBT$ God wants a Human Sacrifice..

    .......................... ...OUTLAW

  • New light for you
    New light for you

    This is my mother we're all talking about.... or i'm 'the daughter'.

    We got here this morning and my mother had no idea these brothers were coming. She indicated to me that she liked the one, and the other one not so much. She thought it was 'nice' but in a weird way.. nice, but had no idea...

    I thought LONG and HARD before this surgery of what I would do should the blood issue come up. I'm obviously out of the cult, and i'm not 'mentally in' or anything anymore... i know its just all a complete lie run by evil men. Besides that, I have actually... though very difficultly... realized that it IS my mothers wishes. Ok, its a cult etc etc. At some point though my mother is 75 and she firmly believes that this is what she wants. Who are we to say that anyone should be stripped of the right to make their own decisions? I admit, this is shaded by the fact that my mother is 75. If this was a child, or even my age.. I would be wanting to fight it more. Obviously i DONT want her to die, I DONT want to make this decision. But I think part of love and being a family is respecting other peoples decisions and beliefs. Otherwise I become just as horrible as they are.

    That of course is my feelings as of this moment.

    I think its silly they're sitting here across from me reading their bibles for 3-1/2 hours while I post on an apostate website. On some level they believe they're doing what they're supposed to be doing as well. I dont think they are plotting this EVIL death of my mother. I think they're doing 'what jeh would be asking of them'. The fact that its a pile of shit i suppose is up to interpretation.

  • mamalove

    That must have been pretty awkward. How is your mom doing?

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