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  • Snoozy

    Tonight's show is one I have been looking forward to seeing. It is a story about a man that has over 2,000 rats in his home as pets!

    his house is a wreck, I could stand that . But he has rats all over as pets, and they are running loose.

    Another gal has over 50 cats...

    Interesting show, makes me want to "clean house"..

    Snoozy, watching A and E as we speak....

  • MrFreeze

    You know, this is the first time I've watched Hoarders. I've heard of it and I just so happened to catch it on. Man, these people want to make me cry. So depressing.

  • beth_

    I watched 3 of those shows and decluttered so much afterwards that our house is super easy to clean :). I can't imagine what the ones with animals must smell like!

  • zeroday*

    Yea I've been watching this show for quite sometime now it is unbelieveable...never mind the total clutter but the filth and smell how in the hell can they live like this...They had this one show where this womans house was so bad, no electricity or water (got shut off lack of payment) she used Depends for 2 years and the house was piled up high inside with them...that's when I about lost it...

  • DanaBug

    Do you think there are hoarders living in Africa or some 3rd world area? Is this a mental problem because of our culture or just a mental problem period?

  • MrFreeze

    It's a mental problem. It comes down to an inability to part with anything. All you need to do is look at how difficult it is for any of them to throw something away. It's clearly a mental illness.

  • BizzyBee

    This show is fascinating, though I rarely get to watch it (Mr Bee thinks its is "sick.")

    Part of the appeal of this show is that it makes ordinary pack rats (like me - very mild version) feel OK about ourselves - "well, at least I don't do that!"

    Yeah, they are pathological.

  • Snoozy

    I am watching this guy crying every five minutes because he is losing all his rat friends...

    They have gone so far out to do it humanely..even going so far as to arrange adoptions for most of them. When he had to have one put to sleep he almost lost it.

    What gets me is you would never guess if you met these people on the street or even just saw there house from the outside what was going on..

    I remember as a JW going with another sister to one of her friends relatives houses to witness the conditions there. The husband had arranged for her to be gone so we could go see the house. It was horrible. She had small children that lived there and he was trying to get help. He said he couldn't do it on his own. The floors were soft from garbage soaking in it and decaying dog feces or?. The smell was horrible and there were no sheets on the beds. The kids beds had I guess dog feces all over them. I don't know where the kids slept or ate, there were no clean places in the house. The stove was covered with crusted food and dirty pots and pans and dirty dishes were everywhere.

    I heard that the kids were taken away and the house was cleaned up to the point that a month later she got the kids back..last I heard was the house was headed back the same way we found it. The neighbor took the kids while the cleanup was going on..she said the kids were impossible to retrain..they were so used to living like animals too.

    So much for trying to help..


  • White Dove
    White Dove

    My mom kept everything and collected everything because she might need it later. She also said that it is for her garage sale.

    She would dumpster dive for a lot of it and claim that she's going to wash it and donate it to charity (some moms dump nice kids' clothing in dumpsters).

    She'd go through her stuff and give dumpster crap as gifts for baby showers and wedding presents. She'd even proudly brag where she got it from (dumpster or Goodwill) and how little it cost.

    My sister and I had to live with all her sh!t for years. We also had to clean around it all at her orders because she said it was our job to clean the house, not hers.

    She'd make a huge mess in the kitchen and make us clean it up (after I had just cleaned it!).

    Mental something, that's for sure.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    It provides me great impetus to clean my house. The prognosis is not good. Someday medication may be developed.

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