The Power of Prayer......Do you believe in it?

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  • confuzzled777

    elder-schmelder thanks for sharing the study with me.....interesting read! I will pass this on to my sis as we often have this discussion.

    brotherdan, all i have to say is you made me sob. thank you for your heartfelt response. my mom and dh have both encouraged me to just pick up a bible. no matter which translation and start reading in Genesis. take away the wts micromanagement and get to the "core" beliefs of the bible. something that I have been unable to do because i carry so much resentment for the way i was treated. not only my own unloving treatment but that of the others involved in the same situation/group. how could these men who are supposed to be appointed by god sit in the house of god and treat us so bad? left a bad taste in my mouth. after being kicked out, having my friends and family in the cong. taken away and having a title of jw being ripped from me was devasting. who was i without being one of Jehovah's Witnesses? who really is Jehovah with out being a witness for him? Good to know that I am not the only one who has experienced these questions and thoughts.

    anyhoo, i will find a translation that I am comfortable with and open it. i love the new international version that Chalam has been quoting from. who knows......

    leavingwt thanks for the thread.......very upbuilding read.

  • whatistruth

    I like the prayers where i called "god" a piece of shit and a useless bastard. No one's listening so why not?

  • streets76

    Prayers may help (placebo), but not because a personal god is looking down and deciding to grant the supplication.

    An interesting website, sometimes cited on this forum, has to do with why god does not answer the prayers of amputees.

    The site is called something like "Why does god hate amputees?"

    Google it.

    In a nutshell, people can pray until they are blue in the face and an amputee will NEVER regrow a lost limb. NEVER EVER.

    All things are possible with god .*

    *Except regrowing limbs for amputees.

  • confuzzled777

    ROFL streets76 thanks for the giggle.....

  • Chalam

    *Except regrowing limbs for amputees.

    Why not?

    James Maloney - Healing in India

    Blessings in Christ,


  • tec

    Brotherdan -

    There is little I can add to what BD said (and I think he beat Chalam to it also). Faith, motives and the will of God... and more times than not, God knows what we need more than we know what we need.

    For example... it isn't the house, or the job, or the promotion, or the love of so-and-so, or first place in some contest, etc... that we really need. It is the the happiness, the comfort or security that we are seeking. The peace. That is what I think we should pray for. I also did what BD did... put my life into God's hands and asked Him to lead me where I should be... which, for me, became a to whom I should turn - Christ.

    I have peace in Him.


  • moshe

    Six million Jews tested the power of prayer during the Holocaust - need I say more?

  • Twitch

    Thank the lord for the armies of the Allies. I guess their families prayed harder than the Germans. Who knows how many millions more would have died waiting for divine intervention, if it wasn't for the actions and sacrifices of mere men. Lest we forget. PS watched Schindler's List again last weekend

  • startingover
  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Prayer is often followed by a donation some where. So NO.

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