Can You "Read" People?

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  • mamalove

    I have the type of personality to ask lots of questions, I tend to interview people while conversing, merely because I am curious and interested in people. I am also pretty observant and pay attention to certain things. You can tell alot from people about how their grooming is, and what they have around them.

  • mamalove

    One afterthought: An old memory came to mind, people used to say to me frequently when I was still an active JW, that they were so surprised I was a Jdub. That I did not fit the profile, or stereotype I guess.

    So I think most of us have preconceived notions and try to read people regardless of intuition.

  • laverite

    There's some truth to what MLE is saying, to a certain extent. But as far as really being able to "read" people, I can be pretty good at it sometimes, and have had some good insights (or in a few cases, some lucky guesses?). There are other times that I have been completely off. So for me, it varies. Sometimes when I'm spot on, I wonder if it's luck or insight. lol.

  • minimus

    Why thankyou, wasblind.

  • Lozhasleft

    I fall into the trap of accepting the person in front of me who presents themselves in a good way....often I learn I've been silly...but sometimes I just get a feeling...even on the internet....

    Loz x

  • wasblind

    Anytime Minimus,

    we may have gotten off on the wrong foot, but your alright with me

  • highdose

    yes and i was born with this ability. I can tell just from looking at someone if they are nice or nasty, if they are hiding something, what their past has been like, what they were doing in the privious hour

    ... i have even before "known" what sport a person regualuarly did. Its kinda of like a vibe or a smell, I meet someone and i meet their engery or vibe at the same time. I've learnt to relay on it and whenever i ignore this, i'm always left wishing i hadn't.

    Probably sounds very crazy and i don't tell people about it cos it might freak them out. I've always put it down to being dislexic.

  • Twitch

    yea, I'd say so

    The signals are there, you just gotta tune in

    Everyone has a "tell"

  • wasblind

    " life depended upon being able to to get an accurate reading of certain situations."

    Oh yes. One was considered a fool, if he didn't take heed of the hairs standin' on the back of his neck

  • garyneal
    I can read people like a book.
    Even those on discussion forums.

    What does my book tell ya?

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