Arizona Shooting

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  • free2beme

    I think this is a very sad thing to happen in this country. The fact though, that they say this person was doing it for political reasons and frustration. Is a sign of what this world has become in an Internet society. Everyone used to be happy with a listening ear, a kind thought or a sound wall to their views. Most of the time this was a small group or family. Now, with the Internet to feed those who think they matter so much. It has brought in the age in which everyone not only thinks they should be heard, but believed and followed.

    Because of this, it is starting to become more and more common for people to vent in ways that seem violent and extreme. Threats, hate, and worse are not a common part of this world. Just listen to me, is now, just believe me and frankly ... most people are full of crap or phoney. So what does that lead to in the future, more shootings, more violence.

    Personally, I have seen anger in this country sky rocket in the last couple years and expect more of these attacks in the future with those who hold office. Pretty sad, isn't it? That the public office has become so exposed, that rather then respect it for what it represents. We now have people attacking individuals who serve it.

    Will our children ever know a world that is free of loud blow hards who think what they say matters? I doubt it, as there is always a new site coming up and a new place to act like know it all. Just hope, people will learn to not be so extreme in realizing their place in this life is not as important as their sick mind thinks.

    So sad!

  • Mary
    The fact though, that they say this person was doing it for political reasons and frustration.

    I'm pretty sure the little bastard did it because in his warped mind, he wanted international fame and we all know there's no quicker way to do that than to go on a shooting rampage. Political reasons? I doubt it. I know Americans are very passionate about their politics, but not too many people start shooting innocent people in a frigging mall because they feel frustrated.

    No, like other nutcases who let their low self-esteem get the better of them, this piece of human filth had plan that would make him famous and famous he now is. Personally, I think they should just take the scumbag out back and shoot him.

  • tenyearsafter

    Nicely distilled down Mary!

  • free2beme

    Actually they are trying to say there is a political connection to the Tea Party and Palin.

    I personally think the court system is too slow. If you have that many witnesses, and know he did it. Arrest him, take him downtown to the police state and then have him dig his grave (less cost that way). Put him in the coffin (do not have to pay anyone else to do it). Shot him in the head. Close the lid. Set him in the ground and bury him with a plaque that read ... "GUILTY and GONE!"

  • chickpea


    who are they?

    never listen to the ubiquitious anonymous
    "they" or anything "they" are saying the
    other "theys" are saying/doing

    i did hear a mental health professional say,
    and he admitted there are no grounds to assert
    his opinion as fact, but he did say that the
    perp is at the age when a devastating mental
    illness often emerges... and while he didnt make
    a secific indication of the mental disease he was
    referencing one could conjecture he was talking
    about schizophrenia

  • free2beme

    Well, watching CBS news right now. Basically saying, this is a product of heated politics. Tune in, you will see what I mean.

  • SixofNine

    He was obviously deranged. Deranged people are even MORE susceptible to hate propaganda than your average yahoo.

  • thetrueone

    To say that this dire event occurred solely on political grounds is nonsense.

    Political distrust and hatred of the government may have played a partial role to be sure.

    More important on the psychological state of this individual and what was happening in the months proceeding the shooting.

  • thetrueone

    This young guy who committed this heinous act was suffering from one or more symptoms of paranoid disillusioned schizophrenia.

    Enhanced no less with the fearful distrust and hatred toward government officials as well as the police, who busted him once for drug possession.

    Being rejected as an applicant to join the US military could have also heighten his hatred toward the government as a whole.

    The recent and apparent emotional distrust posed against the people who are holding positions in government right now just stoked up

    his off balanced fragile emotional state. How the US federal government has been putting money out to corrupt corporations and doing little for the

    poorer working class has caused some to go off the deep end emotionally.

    I agree with what Simon stated though on the easy accessibility of guns in certain areas of the States. How is a gun shop owner to know if

    the person in his store is emotionally unstable and positioning himself to commit harm to others ? The point is where there are gun shops,

    there are going to be emotionally off balanced people willfully wanting to buy guns with intent to harm others. Where there are no gun shops

    with flashing neon signs in the window, you wont find these things happening.

  • SixofNine

    That's kind of an odd theory, Mary. You seem to think that political passion is less likely to motivate a killer than a simple desire to be famous? This after the last few American elections seasons you've watched?

    I'm curious what you think was the motivation behind the anonymous sender of incendiary devices/bombs mailed to political figures in the last couple of weeks, or the violent threats that Gabrielle Giffords and other politicians have received in the recent past? Do you believe Timothy McVeigh and his co-conspirator just "wanted international fame"?

    How about this guy: " April 4, 2009—Neo-Nazi Richard Poplawski shoots and kills three police officers responding to a 911 call to his home in Pittsburgh. His friend Edward Perkovic tells reporters that Poplawski feared “the Obama gun ban that’s on its way” and “didn’t like our rights being infringed upon.” Perkovic also commented that Poplawski carried out the shooting because “if anyone tried to take his firearms, he was gonna’ stand by what his forefathers told him to do.”

    Just looking for attention?

    Or how about this lovely passionate patriot; he got his 15 minutes, eh?: " January 12, 2010—Charles Allan Dyer, 29, a former Marine with ties to Tea Parties and far-right-wing organizations like Oath Keepers, is arrested at his home on charges of raping a 7 year old-girl. Sheriff's deputies find several firearms inside Dyer's home and a Colt M-203 40mm grenade launcher, which was stolen from a military base in Fort Irwin, California, in 2006. Dyer had been an organizer of militia groups in Oklahoma and told one interviewer, "I'm going to use my training and become one of those domestic terrorists that you're so afraid of from the reports." In another video, Dyer states, "With DHS blatantly calling patriots, veterans, and constitutionalists a threat, all that I have to say is you’re damn right we're a threat. We're a threat to anyone that endangers our rights and the Constitution of this republic.""

    I know Americans are very passionate about their fame, but not too many people start shooting innocent people in a frigging mall because they feel frustrated at not getting a shot on Dancing with the stars.

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