Why I Like the "Proclaimers" Book

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  • Leolaia

    MrMonroe....Thanks for that scan; it sums up really well the same points TD is making.

  • Yan Bibiyan
    Yan Bibiyan

    There is another gem in the video posted by Agonus:

    @~3:20, David Splane says twice in a 30 second interval that at the time (shortly after Russel's death, but before the appointment of Rutherford i.e. circa 1916) it was EVIDENT that Jehovah had already chosen this organization to continue with the earthly work.

    Wait a minute!

    Didn't the examination and appointment happen in 1919? By Jesus?

    If it was EVIDENT that Jehovah had already chosen the Org in 1916, why did Jesus even bother examining religion in 1919? Did he go against his father's will?

    If Jesus somehow misunderstood the will of Jehovah, how can David Splane be so sure about it 100 years later?

    Just wondering....

  • MrMonroe

    The WTS has actually claimed that it began to be used by God from the late 19th century, 40 years before 1918.

    Jehovah's Witnesses in the Divine Purpose, 1959, page 22: "... In many ways the evidence was beginning to accumulate that, of all the early voices heard, Jehovah had chosen the publication we now call The Watchtower to be used as a channel through which to bring to the world of mankind a revelation of the divine will and, through the words revealed in its columns, to begin a division of the world's population into those who would do the divine will and those who would not. For this reason 1879 was a turning point in the work. This little group, headed by C.T. Russell, had now been tested and had been found fit to undertake the great preliminary campaign leading up to the climax expected in 1914."

    The Watchtower, June 1, 1964, page 338: "We have gained all this knowledge through the arrangement Jehovah is pleased to use at the present time, namely, through his anointed spirit-begotten witnesses, comprising the “faithful and discreet slave” class described by Jesus at Matthew 24:45-47. This slave class has used the Watch Tower Society as its legal instrument since 1884, and the chief publication of dissemination of Bible truth since 1879 has been The Watchtower. It is so even to this day."

    So the moment CTR began publishing the WT, God loved 'em. Or him, really, since CTR was convinced he was the faithful slave. The "inspection" in 1918 (or 1919 as it was for a while), was a mere formality, apparently.

    Interesting to note, as well, the 1931 WT article (June 1, pg 169) that said Rutherford's sacking of the majority of the faithful and discreet slave in 1917 was actually part of the biblical drama of Christ's cleansing of the temple:

    "Christ Jesus was placed upon his throne in the autumn season of 1914, and in the third year thereafter, to wit, at the end of 1917, among those consecrated to the Lord there was a class of insubordinate ones who rebelled against the ways of the Lord. Being in line for the kingdom, and becoming offended, insubordinate and rebellious, these were gathered out at the time the judgment of the Lord began at his temple in 1918."

    "Offended, insubordinate and rebellious." How dare the faithful slave class challenge the president? Who did they think they were?

  • Crazyguy

    Don Cameron mentioned in his post that they the WT didnt know they were chosen or that christ was king in heaven until after the fact sometime in the 1920's seems to be the earliest that 1914 was mentioned as the year Jesus took up his kingship. So is this importnant, is there any scriptures that indicate they would have to know before hand????

  • Phizzy

    If the 1919 Appointment were true, it is the most important thing to happen in all Christianity since the Crucifixion.

    The Scriptural basis for such a claim is simply not there.

    Whether or not they should have known beforehand is not important. In fact impossible, how could they know befroehand about an event that wasn't going to happen ? and didn't of course.

    What is totally flabbergasting is that according to all their writings they did not know they HAD BEEN (supposedly) appointed for many years !!

    How silly is that ? What was the point of appointing them in 1919 ? How could they carry out the duties incumbent upon the appointed if they did not know they were ?

    The whole thing is the most shambolic silly nonsense.

    Nonsense maybe too kind a word, it is delusional, illogical, farcical and the most god-awful garbage.

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