Lady Lee show me some more!!!!!!

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  • mouthy

    Thanks wasblind need all the prayers we can get.

    Ok. LL

  • Heaven

    Lady Lee, you are very talented! They are lovely.

    FlyingHighNow started this thread about any art that we JWNers had done. There are some very talented people on this board:

    Grace, I hope your daughter will be ok.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Grace's daughter just emailed me. She is doing fine and it wasn't anything serious thank goodness.

    Also had to send this back up for someone

  • mouthy

    WOW!!!! LADY LEE TALENTED?????!!!!! I just got the most wonderful box of these BEAUTIFUL
    Jewels... Lee your more than talented... They are lovely!!! I want to say exqist
    ( but dont know the spelling)I was amazed when I got the parcel this A.M. It was like
    Christmas all over again. I expected two necklaces !!!! But I got a BOXFUL,all in lovely gift
    boxes, SO many ,,,all absolutely WONDERFUL.... You could make a lot of money if you
    set up"shop" We have a store in Fergus with all the necklaces & earings ,pendents in the window
    I am not flattering you LEE ,Yours are MUCH prettier. HONEST!!!!! I cant get over them

    THANK YOU,THANK YOU,Thank You. I MUSTowe you a LOT more than I sent.

    I thought i was buying TWO____ WOW!!!!! My grandkids will be over the moon.(HUGS)


  • mouthy

    bttp...I want lady Lee to see this & I want to find it ....

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Glad you are happy with it Grace.

    It was fun making things and putting them all in the box. Wish I could have seen your face but this is just as good.

  • only me
    only me

    Your jewelry is beautiful. Have you considered selling it on a site like ? It's very inexpensive to sell on there and you don't have to have a huge inventory.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I haven't considered it seriously . . . yet.

    But I am on several e-groups where people regularly sell what they make on etsy.

    I'm still really new at this and am still learning. I have all kinds of intructions and tutorials but learn best when I see something and can hold it in my hand and see how it is made. I found an interesting pendant today in the second hand store. I bought it so I can take it apart and see how it is made. It has a beaded bead (and if you know what etsy is you probably know what a beaded bead is lol) Once I disect it I should be able to make another.

    Then I will be off like a house on fire in a whole new direction.

    I really enjoyed looming but wanted a bigger loom.

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