looking for somebody to read over something i have written for JW teens

by Aussie Oz 11 Replies latest jw friends

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    I have written a 15 page WT style article for JW teens. Primarily for my kids

    It is formatted in two column justafied type like watchtowers etc as that is a familier format for them.

    It covers thoughts on dedication and baptism in an effort to make them think.

    I want somebody to proof read, and possibly help me see if and where i may need to add or delete material. Whether i need to include particular quotes from society literature in places and generaly help me make sure it is accurate. It is worded carefully to avoid any apperance of apostacy etc. the person needs to bear in mind that it is to appeal to teenagers, so at places it does not nor is intended to go into great detail.

    i would hope that a teenager may be on the board that would like to be involved also.

    i will provide a link to sendspace (PDF file) for those interested in helping.

    when i am happy with it, i am happy to share with all...


  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    I have a teenage relative I'm trying to help, so I'd be interested in helping your project.

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    Thanks broken promise

    i will pm you


  • nicolaou

    I'd be happy to help.

    Just a thought though, could you not break your work down into 7 or 8 short two page articles. There aren't many teens, JW or otherwise, who would read and take in 15 pages of anything.


  • Revolutionary Rebel
    Revolutionary Rebel

    hey Aussie Oz.. well im 20 so just out of teen years but id like to think I can still remember them :) haha id love to help on how I think id percieve the article if i was still a witness teen plus i dont know the whole story but i was raised a witness from birth so if your kids were aswell then maybe we have something in common?

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    Ok, i'll pm both of you too.

    i'll draw a line now so i dont have too many cooks!



  • cantleave

    Nugget and I will be happy to help.

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    Hi Aussie, you have a PM.

  • bohm

    i will be happy to see the pdf.

  • nugget

    It sounds like an invaluable piece of work and aimed at a particularly vulnerable group. I am more than happy to help.

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