They've Called a Snow Day

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  • DanaBug

    We're getting snow too, right now! This is our third snow this year and we're in the south. Guess what we're doing tomorrow!

    Our meetings and field service always got canceled if there was snow, because no one down here can drive in it. We're not used to it.

  • jgnat
  • tec

    I just finished digging out my driveway, for the second time... I had to widen it a foot each side, because while my car could fit... I didn't leave room to open the doors.

    The piles on each side of my driveway are almost shoulder height on me!

    We get another dump like that and I'm off to buy a snowblower.

    *waves to jgnat, fellow edmontonian*


  • jgnat

    * waves to tec. Happy shovelling.

  • myelaine

    my friend's patio in castledowns, edmonton... like eek...

  • jgnat

    Well, it looks like eastern North America has got it now. Is anyone else calling in a snow day?

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze
    no one down here can drive in it. We're not used to it.

    A lot of people up here can't drive in it, either. And we are used to it.

  • blondie

    Cancellations are at the discretion of each congregation BOE around here. 2 congregations only 5 miles apart (large city), one cancelled their am meeting and one did not. The one did not came out and found that 1/3 of the cars could not be started.

    In the end I felt it was my decision (I was single) since it was my life.

  • Finally-Free

    I'm working from home today because of the snow. I like the concept of getting paid to stay in my housecoat all day.


  • Heaven

    Ok, it's going up for 5pm here in Ontario... and it's still snowing! Arrrgghh!

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