They've Called a Snow Day

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  • jgnat

    No field service in Edmonton today. Twenty centimeters of the white stuff is expected over the weekend, "Double Whammy to Wallop Edmonton." Our Deep Freeze Winter Festival is going ahead as planned, however.

    P.S. This is the first cancellation I remember. I've been watching the Tower for ten years.

  • treadnh2o

    I used to love when meetings/service were canceled because of snow.

    That was before I realized I really did have free will and didn't need the congregation to tell me I was allowed to stay home.

  • jgnat

    Yeah, I come from a long and honorable line of frugal people (Scots). In my family, you did not replace anything that is still in working order. I once owned an iron I hated, and would "accidentally" drop it a couple times a year in hopes it would die, die, die. It took years to realize I had the power to ditch it.

  • hoser

    jgnat you have a pm

  • shamus100

    If I was a witness I'd still be going out. What's wrong with you, there's plenty of telephone witnessing that can be done! GET OUT THERE! ;D

  • WTWizard

    I always liked it when we got a blizzard, and the boasting session would be cancelled for snow. And I would be pxxxed if it wimped out on me, turned to rain, was late, or if Brother Hounder decided that we needed to attend that boasting session anyways. I always hated when I was hoping for a boasting session to be snowed out and we had to go anyways.

    For field circus, I liked when no one showed up. I never heard of a snow day for field circus, where we were asked not to go out. I have seen plenty of days when there should have been one, mainly because you cannot park your damn car when half the road is full of snow.

  • finallyfree!

    the cong i left never cancelled meetings for crappy weather. sometimes to the point that they would be "bloodguilty" if someone died returning home. some of the more "faithful" witnesses who never missed a meeting and bragged that they were there would likely be the poor victim.

  • MrFreeze

    Snow days were the best. I remember once we even had a snow day on a Thursday night when the local football team was playing. I was so excited I got to watch it instead of go to the meeting.

  • agonus

    We're getting several inches here in the heartland... gorgeous outside

  • satinka

    I snow days!


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