Study Reports That Circumcision Helps Stop Wart Virus

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  • Scott77

    Hi Fellow Guys, its high time to go for the surgeon's knife. Why not?



    (Reuters) - Researchers have documented yet another health benefit for circumcision, which can protect men against the AIDS virus, saying it can protect their wives and girlfriends from a virus that causes cervical cancer.

    Wives and girlfriends of circumcised men had a 28 percent lower rate of infection over two years with the human papilloma virus or HPV, which causes warts and cervical cancer, they reported in the Lancet medical journal on Thursday.

    "Our findings indicate that male circumcision should now be accepted as an efficacious intervention for reducing the prevalence and incidence of HPV infections in female partners. However, protection is only partial; the promotion of safe sex practices is also important," Dr. Maria Wawer and colleagues at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore wrote.

    Wawer's team piggybacked the HPV study onto a larger study that has shown circumcised men are less likely to be infected with the human immunodeficiency virus that causes AIDS.

    "We enrolled HIV-negative men and their female partners between 2003 and 2006, in Rakai, Uganda," they wrote in their report in the Lancet medical journal.

    They were able to get details on HPV infections for nearly 1,000 of the women, all identified by men as long-term sex partners such as wives. After two years, 27.8 percent of the steady partners of circumcised men had HPV infections, compared to 38.7 percent of the partners of uncircumcised men.

    HPV infection is best known as the primary cause of cervical cancer, but it causes genital warts and can also lead to cancers of the anus, penis, head and neck.

    There are dozens of strains of HPV, which are highly contagious and which infect the majority of the population within a few years of beginning sexual activity. Most people clear the virus but in some, it can cause changes that lead to cancer.

    Cervical cancer is the second most common cancer in women worldwide and is expected to kill 328,000 this year, mostly in developing countries.

    GlaxoSmithKline and Merck make vaccines against HPV but they are not available to most women in developing countries.

    Circumcision removes the foreskin of the penis, which is rich in immune system cells targeted by HIV and perhaps other viruses. Taking off the foreskin likely makes the penis less likely to carry a range of microbes, Wawer's team said.

    "Male circumcision has now been shown to decrease HIV, herpes simplex virus-2, and HPV infections and genital ulcer disease in men, and also HPV infection, trichomoniasis, and bacterial vaginosis and genital ulcer disease in their female partners," Wawer's team wrote.

    "Thus, male circumcision reduces the risk of several sexually transmitted infections in both sexes, and these benefits should guide public health policies for neonatal, adolescent, and adult male circumcision programs."

    SOURCE: The Lancet, January 8, 2011.


  • DagothUr

    I also heard that removing the liver helps prevent liver cancer in 100% of the cases. Also, extirpation of the brain prevents brain-tumors from appearing.

    Instead of removing the pilot's helmet, why not use some soap and water before sex? And if sex takes place just a few times a year, why not use soap and water once a day, each day? And if sex takes place with more than one partner, why not use a condom?

  • snowbird

    Why not circumcision AND soap and water as the Bible advocates?


  • james_woods

    Bible did NOT advocate it for Christians, Sylvia - only for Jews.

    If God wanted men circumcised, why didn't he make them that way in the first place?

    Seriously, I never understood this except as a ritual mutilation (which, incidentally, is not unique to the Jews).

  • Scott77

    Very interesting comments. Because of this that study, Iam wondering, are moslem countries less prone to AIDS than christian countries?


  • aSphereisnotaCircle

    I'll take good hygiene over mutilating infants any day.

    If the kid grows up and wants it done, thats his choice, and his choice only.

    BTW, I've recently learned that some cultures will often remove their childrens teeth to eliminate tooth decay...I understand it works extremely well.

  • brotherdan

    One thing that circumsision does is that it may stop the wart virus...but what it REALLY does stops the tinman hat jokes.

  • DagothUr

    How can one jack-off properly without the foreskin? I won't take this priviledge from my kids, for sure.

    I think this was the purpose of circumcision in the first place: a preventing measure against masturbation, which was thought to be a sin. In some societies the clitoris was also removed. So circumcision is nothing more than a religious mumbo jumbo. The foreskin exists with a purpose and no goddamn religion will ever make me remove the hat of my general.

  • wary

    No doubt you are circumsized Scott. I know many witness kids that wher mutilated at their parents command.

    There is some strange insidous belief amongst this cult that makes them feel more rightous,or more worthy by cutting a bit of skin of their childs knob.

    I understand your attempt to feel normal and feel sorry for you. Be aware that its mutilation, except for serious medical reasons.

    Please dont assume that those of us with that bit of skin feel the need to see a surgeon because some half wit got a wart due to poor hygine.

    It is a sad attitude I have observed amongst the circumsized that they attempt to justify their mutilation.

    I am sorry for you and your loss.

  • chickpea

    when the fellow who was our "best man" railed
    against me for leaving my sons intact, saying they
    were going to get "penis cancer" because of their
    foreskins, i asked if i should subject my daughter
    to double mastectomies so she would never have
    breast cancer....

    if ya gonna dip the wick in more than one vat

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