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  • Tuesday

    A BTTT but more so for a reason cabasilas you've got a PM.

    Any other thoughts or help post it here or send me a PM

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  • agonus

    And this is why the WT will continue to hammer on education. Stafford might have been the closest thing to a capable scholar the WT could have had in the last couple of decades, and he defended them tooth and nail... until they inevitably ended up alienating him. I remember reading a while back that Stafford practically handed them on a silver platter a scriptural (in his view) resolution to the blood controversy that would placate both sides (don't know the details) and they, as always, refused to budge.

    Too bad. Guys like Stafford, windbag though he may be, could have actually helped lift them out of their self-created quagmire.

    Let 'em sink.

  • TD

    Greg has a good heart. He is probably much more sympathetic to the grievances against the JW organization than you realize

  • TJ Curioso
    TJ Curioso

    I understand that Greg is no longer a Jehovah's Witness . In this third edition of the book, although he advocates some doctrines of the Society , still expressed disagreement with respect to others. He say that defends the teachings that seem to have solid foundation in the Bible , not going after particular interpretations.

  • designs


    You hit the nail. Good guy and a nice family, we had them over for dinner and did several social things together. He broke from the Society and has explained why. His debates with White were like Ali and Frazier. Smart guy, autodidactic. I wish he and his family well.

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