I love Natalie Portman!

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  • sd-7

    Doesn't it seem like she's got a lot going on this year? I hope she wins the Oscar this time for 'Black Swan'. (I haven't seen it, and...well, I never even saw 'Closer', because I'm still a little new at R-rated movies.)

    I was just watching the trailer for 'No Strings Attached', the comedy she's doing with Ashton Kutcher. I never would've imagined those two would be in the same hemisphere as far as movies, much less starring in the SAME movie. But hey, I mean, even Ludacris is in that movie, so...stranger things have happened... But that trailer looks hilarious. Also, did I mention that I love Natalie Portman?

    Anyway, awhile back I saw the trailer for 'Your Highness', another comedy with Natalie Portman (and also with James Franco, another hopeful Oscar nom--I mean, what's not to love about Harry Osborn?). That one looks like THE movie I've always wanted to see. I don't know if that's really true, but it looks awesome. Did I mention....that I love...Natalie Portman?

    Don't worry--it's the kind of love that doesn't violate Proverbs 5:15-20, of course. I don't talk about it at home. Or anywhere, really. I've loved Natalie Portman since Star Wars: Episode I--which I think was her strongest Prequel Trilogy performance by far, though I liked certain moments in Episode III, and I mostly liked her outfits in Episode II. Yes, I did mention that I love Natalie Portman.

    May I post a picture of her?

    I think this one was my all-time favorite Entertainment Weekly cover EVER. I think it made me want to subscribe.

    Natalie Portman

    I had to get that out of my system.


  • zoiks

    She's mine. Back off.

  • mrsjones5

    I loved her in "Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium" and "Where The Heart Is"( I didn't think I would like that movie but Natalie's preformance drew me in). She has such a calm and sweet way of talking.

  • sd-7
    She's mine. Back off.

    Dang it!

    Is this like in 'Batman Returns' when the Penguin says to Batman, after seeing Catwoman, "I saw her first!"?

    Ah, well.

    Also, I think 'Magorium's' and 'Where the Heart Is' were very awesome, too. Ever see 'Anywhere But Here'? I liked that too, actually.


  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Like any good JW, I fell in love with her in "Leon, The Professional."

  • unshackled

    This dandy is from the 'Your Highness' trailer...

  • PSacramento

    Her lesbian scene with Mila Kunis is quite...tantalizing.

  • Darth plaugeis
  • Yan Bibiyan
    Yan Bibiyan

    Mad Sweeny says: "Like any good JW, I fell in love with her in "Leon, The Professional." "

    ..and non-JW, brother, and non-JW...

  • Coffee House Girl
    Coffee House Girl

    "Black Swan" was very intense & well acted (yes, I agree that the lesbian scene was tantalizing)

    I also loved her in "Garden State" with they guy from the TV show scrubs- was a very good movie about twenty-somethings trying to figure out their way in life

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