If You KNEW ALL That Was Expected Of You Would You Have Joined The JWs?

by minimus 15 Replies latest jw friends

  • trebor

    I echo sentiments similar to Scully's. Living up to expectation I did, and was a ministreal servant working towards being an elder, making meetings, out in field service and giving regular parts on the meetings. It was learning of the lies, deceits, bogus teachings and flip-flops in teaching that left me no option but to disassociate myself. Blaming women of fornications, not worhty of a resurrection if raped and not screaming, the flip-flop on organ transplants being cannibalistic, in addition to all the other flip-flops: Resurrection of the men of Sodom, Superior Authorities, "This Generation", made it obvious the organization is not what the leaders claimed.

    Add on their mixed/different origins explanation of a faithful and discreet slave 'class', their 'friend of the court' stance with Swaggart, The UN NPO affiliation, the disingenuous translation of the New World Translation, among so-much more which at best and very generously seen as no different than any other organization, fairly seen as a high level control group, and deep down a cult or at the very least a high-level control organization which employs cult-like tactics.

    Knowing all or even some of the above, I would never had been baptized and would have no longer attended meetings or preach their 'message' much, much sooner.


  • aquagirl

    Born in here,but Im positive that as an adult,unless I was in a coma,I wouldnt have ever been even remotely interested in the Dubs.

  • JeffT

    The organisation I thought I joined is not the same organisation I am leaving.

    I was recruited the year I graduated from college. I left fifteen years later. This statement captures my feelings exactly. Looking back, they have a very good way of hiding their true nature from the people they study with.

  • minimus

    I used to say (at the end of my devotion to JW life) I would've been a do-not-do.

  • Sayswho

    Born-in...in the 1950's...did not have a chance. There would be no reason to become a Jw after knowing the real "truth". What would be the point? Give up your life for lies? They will pay someday!


  • AnnOMaly

    I was a born-in. Only got one perspective. To me, the issue isn't 'if I knew what was expected would I have [officially] joined' as I always kinda knew what was expected. What was expected would have been more palatable, a 'necessary evil,' if it was a just and truthful cause. To me, the killer question is, 'if you knew that this org. wasn't what it claimed to be, would you have joined?' The answer is obvious.

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