If You KNEW ALL That Was Expected Of You Would You Have Joined The JWs?

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  • minimus

    Since I was in the born in the religion category, I was pretty much indoctrinated from babyhood. But I wonder if there was a written contract available, how many would so "freely" join? Any opinions?

  • leavingwt

    Steve Hassan says that people do not join cults. They are recruited into them.

    Therefore, DECEPTION is always involved in the recruitment process.

    How many people getting baptized have seen the list of DF'ing offenses in the elder book?

    Why is the following question not one of the mandatory baptism questions: "Do you agree to remain a loyal, obedient JW, even if you PROVE to yourself from the Scriptures that WT has deceived you?"

  • minimus

    Good question!

  • confuzzled777

    Being a born in also, I cannot answer the question. BUT I think that many people are introduced into the org. at a vulnerable time in their life and find it a refreshing place to be.

    From the outside looking in you see warm, friendly faces. It is only when you are in that you find those warm, friendly faces are only put on for the time that they are actually in the KH. They fade to cold judgemental faces once you get to know them. While there are a few genuine people that exist in the org. most only love you for the # of meetings that you attend or the # of hours that you put into the field service.

  • minimus

    Since there are such harsh sanctions made against a JW that doesn't do what he's supposed to do, it would be 'loving" to spell it all out.

  • wasblind

    Confuzzled, you hit the nail on the head

    Minimus, only if I had of come here first, I could have saved myself

    a lot of grief, Born ins didn't have a choice, but I did, how foolish of me

    to voluntarily give up my freedoms. I still shake my head at the thought

  • clarity

    Well let me think what I would say, hmmmm, if I had been told that ..............

    For the rest of my life. I must preach. Every preaching minute must be recorded on a piece of paper. Handed in, every month. Hounded, if I don't! For life, under threat of expulsion if I don't follow orders. The answer would be .................

    No No No No No No No No No No a million times NO!


  • nugget

    If they had told the truth, if I knew the origin of the doctrines, if I knew I was risking my life to bring publicity to the organisation no. The organisation I thought I joined is not the same organisation I am leaving.

  • Scully

    I was raised in the JWs, but not from birth. I knew the expectations and was happy to comply with them, but those expectations of complete honesty, trustworthiness, and love of justice (in addition to blind obedience) fostered in me the same expectations for other JWs, particularly the JWs in positions of leadership. Not least of which were the Governing Body.

    When I started seeing dishonesty and untrustworthiness and injustices committed in the highest echelons of the WTS, not just among the "imperfect" leaders in the congregations, that was the end for me. Unfortunately, I didn't learn about that until after I was baptized into the JWs.

    The "we are imperfect men" excuse did not pan out for me - after all they expected perfection from me, and I did my damnedest to meet their expectations. All I did was expect of them what they expected of me, and they failed miserably, because their "errors" were intentional and willful. It meant to me that they made false claims and statements knowingly, with the intention to deceive and mislead. My sense of justice was and still is completely offended by their betrayal of trust.

  • leavingwt
    Since there are such harsh sanctions made against a JW that doesn't do what he's supposed to do, it would be 'loving" to spell it all out.

    WT is not in business to make SENSE, they are in business to make CENTS.

    They are a true PROFIT organization.

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