Pope says God was behind big bang. Interesting read

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  • leavingwt
    LWT, the point is, speaking of animals "suffering" in human terms is idiotic.

    I'm not sure if I'm miscommunicating or if we disagree.

    A baby fox being burned alive in a forest does not suffer? If an animal can feel pain, it suffers, right?

  • leavingwt
    His Plan?
    Dude, you gott a tell me what that plan is and IF it involves me winning the lottery !

    Hey, you're beginning to sound like me. I certainly don't see a "plan". Chaos, perhaps. I'm just thankful to have ever been born in the first place. Most eggs are never fertilized.

    The most popular Gods have "plans", however. Surely you've heard of them.

  • PSacramento
    The most popular Gods have "plans", however. Surely you've heard of them.

    Ah yes, the best layed plans and whatnot.

    I think that IF God has a plan, it is to help us "find ourselves" which really can only be done when we understand that we are "lost" and that only God is the Path.

    Is there a plan for the universe? for Earth? for Mammals? for reptiles? for single celled organisims?

    I guess that would depend on your definition of "plan".

    The world is the way it is because it can be no other way.

    We MAKE OUR world the way it is because we CHOOSE to make it that way.

    Guess which one needs to change?

  • whereami
    LWT, the point is, speaking of animals "suffering" in human terms is idiotic.
    Do wild creatures suffer "moral outrage" over being eaten or eating themselves? Do they question the injustice of natural wildfires wiping out their forest? Do they philosophize on the injustice of "survival of the fittest?" Do they envision a world in which "eat or be eaten" is not the rule? Or do they rather merely act on instinct?

    Does God feel this way, or was his son just kidding:

    Matthew 10:29- Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground outside your Father’s care.

    Weren't we taught: God’s love for all creation points to it. God so lovingly cares for all of His wonderful creatures – and that we should too?

    Ok,, let's put aside his "other" (animals) creations then. And lets talk about then human suffering, that's not "idiotic".

    Why is it so easy for us when we have everything in life to be fruitful and survive we thank god? It's easy isn't? But we conveniently forget the horrendous amount of suffering that happens all around the world, not only to "insignificant" innocent animals, but how about to innocent children that didn't ask to be hear in the first place?

    EVERYDAY 40,000 CHILDREN DIE from not having what you and your children have that god supposedly gives to you in abundance everyday. Why is god being so generous to you and your children and not to those 40,000 that die EVERYDAY? When you sit down tonight with you family for dinner in your comfortable home looking at a table full of tasty and nutritious food think about that. And this is just one of many injustices that happen to innocent children everyday. How about child slavery/rape? But lets just talk about the BASIC things food/water.

    And PSac before you even say it, no it's not "our"fault.

    Please watch the whole thing:


  • kazar

    Sorry, but I agree with leaving wt. No, animals are not morally outraged at eating each other but I am. Especially the way they are mistreated by humans. And, I am watching my brother-in-law die a horrible death from lung cancer which has spread to every part of his body-and my sister is dying of anguish at the hospice with him. Yes, I do think God is an SOB. My brother-in-law never smoked a cigarette in his life. So whatever God's plan was he can shove it up his. .... And I am agnostic if not atheist. Still not sure of that one.

    But back to the original topic; I attended Catholic school before I became a JW and the nuns taught us in catechism that evolution was the way God chose to create. So either the pope has been in the dark for many years or the nuns were giving us their own opinions. I believe it's time the pope spoke up for evolution. If only he'd do as much for birth control.

  • designs

    Right now the Pope has one more Cajon than David Splane

  • PSacramento

    And PSac before you even say it, no it's not "our"fault.

    Really? because when we can fix soemthing and we don't it IS our fault.

    As my atheist friend Brent said, " Only assholes wait for God to fix soemthing that they fucked up and that they can fix".

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