To Zid

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  • brotherdan

    The thread was locked by an admin Outlaw.

    Also, I didn't know about the situation until yesterday. I don't come to this board anymore. I only came because Ding let me know that there was an issue that I needed to take care of.

    Her box came and smelled like old people (moth balls and poo) and so I threw away the box and put the books in a different box. So I need her address to send the books back. I did not remember that I had put the books in a different box til I checked it out yesterday.

    Why is this an issue that 20 different random people are causing a stink about. GIVE ME AN ADDRESS AND I WILL SEND THE LOUSY THINGS BACK!!!

    Why can no one understand that? I only knew about this issue YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!

    How do I send book to someone that refuses to send me an address?!? I will give up eventually and then she will REALLY lose her library. I NEED SOMEWHERE TO SEND THE BOOKS!!!! Give me a hotel or something! I'll send the books there!!! I don't care! I don't want the books! I'll happily give them back or get this...

    If Zid does not want them back, I will FREELY give them to anyone. I'll ship them at my own cost and not complain on this site about not being paid. I do not want these smelly books anymore. They are diseased.

    I'm tired of these exJWs that still act like petty JWs!!!

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Can I have the books?

  • brotherdan

    If Zid does not want them back, then of course.

  • sleepingbeauty

    Big Hugs to You brotherdan .... Sorry that you appear to have been hung & strung before youve had chance to fight your corner :(

  • Botzwana

    Can I have the other half? I need to apostasize myself better.

  • undercover

    Can I have the moth balls?

  • brotherdan

    Sorry, I did not mean to be insulting to Zid about the moth balls and poo. The doody smell was slight and not strong enough to enduce vomit.

  • Curtains

    mothballs are very effective

  • Finally-Free

    Is the value of these books so high that it's worth all this fuss? Are we talking thousands of dollars? If not, then this whole thing is pretty fucking pathetic.


  • brotherdan

    We are talking $25...

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