Another hammer blow for the WTS from the Internet

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  • slimboyfat

    On a worldwide basis Pentecostals are still growing faster than JWs as far as I am aware. They have had particularly strong growth in South America where they are making big inroads into the Catholic population.

  • thetrueone

    When you consider the fact that the WTS has been culling followers for almost a century around the world its easily

    understood that as far as religions go the JWs is an utter failer in gathering and increasing its body of adherents.

    100 years of preaching door to door around the world and to date only 7 million....sheesh......FAIL !

    At that they still have hundreds of millions to play with now so they try stick out for as long as they can.

    Must remember the GB and the people below them know exactly where their retirement security is coming from.

    If you were in their position wouldn't you fight to keep the organization operative and on going ?

  • trillaz

    Well, the WTB&TS have not used television sitting there at the #1 spot for so many years either and I doubt ever would. The indoctrination process requires them to keep an eye on you and the personal touch.

  • GLTirebiter
    When I born captive in 1969 there was one baptism for every 2000 hours of preaching. In 2010 it hovers around 5000 hours.

    Besty, I suspect another statistic is even more telling. 5000 hours per baptism candidate is the average, but consider that in many (most?) cases converts come in bunches: they bring along their spouse, children or parents also. My hunch is that each sucessful "study" probably leads to at least two converts, so there is something like 10,000 hours of field drudgery between successful visits. That's five years of full-time work to get a "yes" answer!

  • flipper

    BESTY- Great research and information ! Access to information on the internet will eventually aid MANY younger 18-35 yr.old JW's to leave the organization. Gotta keep pushing that direction ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • wasblind

    Unlike the WTS, the content @ JWN never grows outdated

  • Phizzy

    You are right Was, our truth may get some new light, but that just adds to the truth that does not change, as Russell pointed out, Truth does not change.

    So, the basic truth of this year old thread still stands, JW's are members of a moribund religion, but being blind, they will not see it.

  • metatron

    With respect to their growth, I am very skeptical about the reported figures. I have considerable faith in the saying 'money talks, bull sh*t walks'.

    I do not see how this reported growth is meaningful as long as we observe such plain evidence of lack of donations, lack of elders, and lack of meeting attendance. I continue to think it is comparable to claims made within Communism - before it fell apart.

    The Governing Body is going to be forced to grapple with this issue, even more than they have already. Basically, "Yeah, we continue to have growth as reported to us............ BUT WHAT'S THE VALUE OF IT?". Do they open their wallets? Do men want to be elders?

    Yes, they grow - at least as reported - but that growth becomes more superficial with every passing year.


  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    I can't speak for the rest of the country, but here on the wst coast, it's all about the foreign language KH. When I 1st came around in '88, the usual was 2-3 English congs, and 1 spanish. Now it's 1 English, and 2 spanish, or Tagolig, or Farsi, or Korean, and it goes on. The English congs continue to shrink and merge, and the slack is taken up by the foreign language congs.

    Also at the District, it was all English and two spanish DA's. I belive the Spanish DA is either 4 or 5 now in Long Beach.

    Honestly I don't trust the numbers. I just don't. That organization has shown time and again, that outside of the GB, anybody can be excluded, or lied to in the interest of furthering Jehovah's will

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