The Watchtower has never been able to prove that an apostate is an apostate??

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  • sd-7
    So what if you decide that the hall isnt for me, and you never speak against the organization. Your still called an apostate?

    Yes. Because you were amongst God's people, and you chose to willfully 'leave the truth'. Every other Christian (non-JW) is considered as part of 'apostate Christendom'. So if you join another Christian church, you're an 'apostate'. If you say nothing against them, if you do nothing at all apart from leaving, you're still an 'apostate'. Just not actively opposed. Generally the term is a bit of loaded language in that it can refer to those who specifically speak against the organization. But it's thrown around a lot in the literature: 'apostate king Ahaz', 'apostate nation of Israel', 'apostate Christendom', etc.

    But if you don't speak the organization, and as long as you don't tell anyone that you think it's a falsehood or whatever, you probably will not be branded with the A for Apostate label. You'll just be seen as someone who got spiritually weak and drifted away. If you disassociate, obviously you will be branded as an apostate. But if you fade, you'll just be seen as spiritually inactive/weak/etc.


  • maninthemiddle

    which was a mistake because I then demonstrated what an apostate is

    Thanks for the laugh, somedays, I feel the same way, just waiting for someone to say the wrong thing to me.

  • Terry

    Jehovah's Witnesses exist as contrarians.

    If other denominations are FOR it--they are against it.

    To mainstream thought, belief, theology and traditional understanding THEY are Apostate.

    But, conversely, to the JW's everybody ELSE is wrong but them.

    What a Jehovah's Witness IS at any given moment in history is disconnected (by themselves) from any previous collation of beliefs and actions.

    Consequently, ALL PREVIOUS INCARNATIONS of Jehovah's Witnesses are---by default--APOSTATE compared with current beliefs!

    The official pronouncements of the Governing Body really remind me alot of the Cheshire Cat in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

  • Joliette

    Yeah, and why is the Governing Body captialized?

  • Farkel

    :Yeah, and why is the G overning B ody captialized?

    To make it superior to a lower case "god."


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