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  • JunkYardDog

    I just spent about 45 minutes talking to this nice guy jw that became a jw about 10 years ago at the age 40. had a very interesting talk about wt history/ present truth. the best part was what the wts lied to him about. I get the feeling he will look up some of the stuff.

  • Listener

    It is worth looking into.

  • TheStumbler

    Could you give examples? What specifically had the WTS lied to him about?

    I was talking to some JW family this week and I think I got them to admit (reluctantly) that the Watchtower publications on evolution are dishonest.....I also got them to look up the 607 date which they said they'd do. Hopefully planted a seed but I found even when you show the illogicality of a certain doctrine they still believe it. Belief is a strong motivator with some people.

  • Joey Jo-Jo
    Joey Jo-Jo

    Very good TheStumbler, I wish I could go that far with my parents.

  • wobble

    The WT causes most of its adherents to be lazy intellectualy, and they say to themselves "I will look into that later" and then never do, and in the back of their mind is the thought "The society must have answered this somewhere.... "

    With family it is best to insist that they no longer push their beliefs until they have answered your questions.

    I have done this, and on the main issue (choosing in 1919 of FDS) I have been told not to expect a reply ! Says it all really.

  • TheStumbler

    I explained to them the molecular genetic evidence for common descent and how dendrochronology confirms carbon dating meaning science does not support the Bible that humans have existed only 6,000 years. They accepted that this is the current scientific understanding. Yet somehow they still stand by the statement that 'science is in harmony with the Bible'.

    When they say they'll look into it, I think what they mean to say is 'I'll read another Watchtower to reassure myself and replenish my faith. I'll push this contrary evidence to the back of mind and lock it in the massive vault of dissonant thoughts'

    'All evidence is in harmony with the Bible, so the Bible must be right. Any evidence that does not support the Bible is wrong because the bible is right' - Breaking this though loop is almost impossible.

    I expect, JunkYard Dog, this is what your JW friend will do.

  • truthlover

    what the society does is wipe you mentally with ALL The material they want you to research, study, meditate on, listen faithfully and obey all info presented at the meetings -- its a sensory overload and people today are stessed and tired and because of that, and all their family and job responsibilities --do not think for themselves anymore - the point of least resistance get the society what they want -- tired obedience without any thinking faculties -- they let the society do what the org says priests do -- speak for the congregation when in fact, we all have the responsibility to work out our own salvation --I have mentioned the generation change and now the death of the last GB original member to several in the congregation and it goes over their head like I sneezed.... I can't put myself out there too much cause then I get the stare...

    That guy may not look up anything if he is of the same mind set as most in the org..

  • thetrueone

    There is much the WTS covers over and purposely hides away of new members for obvious reasons.

    This is creating the biggest angst for the WTS right now, information that was once easily hidden away can now be readily

    available somewhere on the Net.

    There is much for this built up pretentious religious organization to hide and cower from. The posthumously held to

    we are the only true religion is shriveling to oblivion on the weight of information on the net and the age of information.

    The only true religion was originally a built up commercial fraud and it might just very end that way as well.

  • james_woods

    I have one simple question: What is the meaning of this thread title?

  • Searchn4answrs

    Groupthink: A good way to define this term is to tell you how Irving Janus (the main researcher on this topic) describes it. Janus (1972) said that groupthink is "a deterioration of mental efficiency, reality testing, and moral judgment that results from in-group pressures." Essentially, people within a group become so consumed with the group, maintaining group cohesiveness, and doing what is important for the group that they themselves lose their ability to think independently and make good, sound judgments. There are quite a few symptoms and causes of groupthink, but it is important to know what groupthink is and that it has been used to explain a variety of tragic events throughout history such as, mass suicides (like the Heaven's Gate suicides), poor political decisions (like the Bay of Pigs invasion), riots, and more.

    Read more: http://www.alleydog.com/glossary/definition.php?term=Groupthink#ixzz1AC7KCfz8

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