I'm racking my brain here.

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  • ProdigalSon

    Do not volunteer any more information to them. You've said enough. If it ever comes down to them asking you about your doubts, just tell them you're praying for direction from Jehovah and you'll get back to them. Then leave them twisting in the wind forever.

  • LostGeneration

    Sounds like you have some fairly liberal elders. Especially considering you were a Pio/MS. Usually the higher up you are, the less reluctant they are to let you go without a fight.

    Sometimes it also depends on how "public" you are about your doubts. They can't have somebody infecting the congo with their doubts, so if you have not done that then it sounds like they are in the "live in let live" mode.

  • MrFreeze

    I'm also thinking they may be waiting for the upcoming CO visit. Is that a possibility? CO is going to be in the congo next week. Am I not what they would deem an apostate? I've told them I'm not coming back ever. They know it's past the point of doubting and that I don't believe at all anymore.

  • Coffee House Girl
    Coffee House Girl

    Mr. Freeze, every congo and BOE is different...but in my case...any action taken thus far by the elders has come right after the CO visit. It is possible that the elders "assigned" to help you lack the experience (or the new elder manual has them gunshy) to act without a go ahead from the CO. They want a higher up man to tell them that further action needs to be taken.

    I am just conjecturing here but with me...I stopped going a year and a half ago, they initially stopped to "encourage me and help me with my doubts, and prove the truth to me". I told them at that time I needed time and space and to leave me alone...they did until the CO visit, then the calls began, then the spying began on my appartment complex, then after no response from me there was silence again until the next CO visit...now the full court press has begun with them pressuring my mom to stop associating with me & spying on my FB account.

    Your parents do love you and I am sure want a "loophole" to keep you in their life...let them do it :) Good Luck!


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