Jehovah can change science...(when I asked my mom about 'Paradise')

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  • Joliette

    Thanks Longhairgal:

    I'm not a very science loving type person, BUT I do know that science is a huge factor in things. My dad is really hung up on the 'playing with a male lion' thing. I dont think Lions were meant to be 'played with.' They have their world, and we have our world.

  • james_woods

    Siegfreid and Roy tried to play with Lions and Tigers just a little too early (before Jehovah changed lions and tigers back into house pets).

    After he made them real Lions and Tigers sometime after he made them house pets in Eden and in Noah's Ark.

  • MrMonroe

    Jehovah can change science, just like he can change immutable truths. He does not, however, appreciate it when others say immutable truths have changed, even if later Jehovah decides they were right and he was wrong. Anyone who claims immutable truths are wrong is an apostate and must therefore die at Armageddon. Even if Jehovah later changes his mind, they must still die at Armageddon, just to prove that they were wrong at the time. It should serve as a lesson about thinking about things too much.

  • Joliette

    LOL Mr Monroe

  • nolongerwaiting

    I wonder why lions ate straw in the original paradise, but then God made them amino acid deficient in the imperfect world so they had to eat raw meat. Seems like an awful lot of trouble to go through. Also, who kept the gazelles in check while the lion was eating straw? And where did the lion's extra stomachs go? When you start thinking for yourself for the first time it's amazing how many logical problems you quickly run in to.

    It pains me that I used to *love* the Sunday talk outline on Noah's flood. Since leaving JW's, I've thought of dozens of problems with the story. I recently happened across this article, and found I've only scratched the surface of the ludicrous.

  • clearpoison

    It is absolutelly correct that almighty God could change science, that's why he is almighty. But I see one problem there, somewhere in the very beginning of the book Bible it states in multiple places that after him creating lot's of stuff he looked at it and it was good (if not perfect, what could you expect from almighty). Changing the science would kind of make me think that the original good was not good enough, including science. Why wouldn't almighty create the goodest enough in the first place, or do we think he was just testing some ideas, like the dinosaurs were some kind of test and not something that would produce huge amount of fertiliser to young earth?


  • Heaven

    "Jehovah" can bring on Armageddon too. But he hasn't. Go figure.

  • chickpea

    if jehovah can change science he better hurry

    it wont be too long before science makes him
    more irrelevant that he already is.... i smell
    oncoming obsolescense!!

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